So Much To Do So Little Time

Well its Sunday end of the week and few hours from starting the new week,Am i ready? NO way lol.

So many plans of what needs to be done even to the point of writing everything down in a carefully planned list which of course works for the top couple of things but as the week draws to an end many more things to complete.

Well that is just a small portion of mine and i have over exaggerated on what has been done the only thing that should be ticked is the rearrange blog well actually it should have half a tick lol.

And to make matters worse the sun is starting to make an appearance from its hiding place behind the clouds.

Of course we all love the sun but then most of the time is spent outside and that means less time indoors catching up and having all the time in the world to do things on the blog and more time.

Enjoying Beautiful Views,

Bolt loves sunbathing but then again he loves snow bathing too lol the only thing that will get him moving is the smell of....

Everyone will be off to the beach

But i know i will not be able to let all that get in the way of my blog lol.

My Laptop and i :-) are stuck together like glue well

Lol and i will always agree to go somewhere and do something then i will say oh hold on i just have to check something on line and everyone in the house ends up doing...

Lol well i am off for a little bit to try and get a bit of the sun in the garden but no doubt it will not last long there will be something that i just have to do indoors.

Enjoy your day everyone


  1. Same here Kay, so much to do and the days fly by...I need to clone myself! I like your beautiful view pic!

    1. Thank you Hilda i took it with my old phone which has rubbish quality but that is the most beautiful place i have ever seen :-) and as for a clone i need about 10 but hey i love a challenge lol.