Shrimp World The Self Contained Ecosystem

So Now you are probably wondering what i am on about lol,Well i got a lovely little gift in the post this morning for review and i love it so much i had to come and tell you all about it straight away.

Who of you have children that wants their own pet to look after but you do not want to get anything because of the worry of you ending up looking after it or something happening to it..If yes i have the perfect solution for you.

 So what is Shrimp World

Well it is a self contained,self sustaining semi-enclosed ecosystem, Everything you will ever need comes in the kit  you do not have to buy extra's or even worry about food for your shrimps.Costing just £39.00 remember nothing else needed for them so a very good price.

I was so excited to receive this as i love these types of products so simple and clever and perfect for grown up and children alike they will love to watch the little shrimp swimming around, Even though i had read about it on the website i was still unsure of what really would be coming i suppose i didnt quite belive that there would be live shrimps lol well i was wrong...

On arrival everything you need is packaged up inside the shrimp tank.
You have
  • Shrimp world container
  • Marine Shrimps
  • Shrimp Transport Bottle
  • Biosticks
  • Aquatic Mix
  • Algae
  • Gravel
  • Instructions
Here is a little video of the shrimps swimming around in their transport bottle as i was unpacking them

Sorry i know it is on the wonk but that is my silly phone it is really useless lol.

So lets go through how to settle them in to their new home :-)

First off you will need 0.5 Liters of bottled or purified drinking water .

Make sure your hands re washed and clean not that you need telling lol, you then need to pour the Aquatic mix into the 0.5 liter bottle and shake for 2 minutes until the Aquatic mix is dissolved.

This is the Aquatic mix.. once dissolved leave it to come to room temperature so that you do not shock the shrimps when you put them in.

While that is going on you can prepare their little tank so you should empty the gravel

Into the tank

Also place in the Biosticks into the tank

They act as filters for the shrimp waste.the are made with thousands of tiny little holes for the bacteria which they then breakdown and turn in to usable nutrients.

I wanted one to end up in each corner do not ask me why lol.

Then pour about 2.5cm of the mixed water in to the shrimp world tank.

Then carefully open and pour the contents of the shrimp transport bottle into the tank and then top up to the level marked on the tank with some more of the mixed water and put the lid on.

Do not worry there is plenty of air in there for them and now they have everything they need and now find them a nice place to be in your home/office but not near a window or direct sunlight as they are happy at room temperature.

You may over time start to see brown or green spots inside the shrimp world but do not worry that is normal and it is what the shrimp like to feed on but if you feel you need to clean it then you can use a pair of clean chopsticks to do that.

A close up of 2 of my shrimp checking out their new home (there is 3 in there but the other one was rushing around everywhere lol).

Mine are now quite happy on my desk where i think it is really nice to be able to take a break and watch them swimming about or checking out the bottom of their tank..

Thank you to Leon for sending me this wonderful little eco system i really like it and i am sure you will too next time you are being asked over and over for a pet think of Shrimp world you and your children will love them and you do not have to do anything with them andanother good point is that they can live for 2 years although they have been known to live a good deal longer..

Check out ShrimpWorld and if you have any questions just contact them and even better if you mention that you heard about them from me they will give you a discount :-)

Thank you for reading and look out for updates on how our new little pets are getting on oh and i have just been informed that they are to be called Nemo shwimpy (yes that is spelt the way little madam told me lol ) and little man has decided the other one should be called Pider (spider) lol.


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