Mickey Finn Sour

Mickey Finn Sour
I was kindly sent a bottle of Mickey Finn Apple Sour to review..

The legendary Mickey Finn was an Irishman who emmigrated to the USA when times were hard at home. When he arrived in Chicago his career path led him inevitably to bars! Within no time Mickey had worked his way up from cellar hand to bar manager and soon after he started his own bar... The Lone Star & Palm Garden on Whiskey Row.

The secret of Mickey's success? He used only the finest natural ingredients and real fruit juices... Mickey's cocktails fast became the talk of Chicago and customers came from far and wide

 With Mickey Finn there was a mission, a passionate view that alcohol should only be infused with the finest natural ingredients producing something truly original.
The quest for the best ranged from the orchards or Ireland to the traditional artisan crafting techniques of Amsterdam. And finally there was a man of roguish reputation for creating unique liqueurs.

Mickey's have won Gold medals at the 2008 and 2009 World Spirit Awards and Best in class 2009. The most recent release Mickey Finn ‘Whipped’ Chocolate, Fruit and Nut was awarded a gold classification at the 2013 World Spirit Awards.

Mickey Finn is now the market leader in Ireland, Norway and the UK,

Every year they choose the finest apples which are carefully hand selected before they are cold pressed in teeny batches to release 100% natural deliciously appley taste.

I must say when I first looked at the bottle I was thinking it’s just another one of those apple sours that leave a nasty taste in your mouth and is hard to drink, But i was pleasantly surprised as it is so easy to drink and well, let’s just say to keep on drinking lol..even my hubby who does not normally like this kind of drink enjoyed it. It has a very smooth refreshing taste and I love the fact that it is made from 100% natural ingredients unlike others that are mostly chemical. The flavour is perfect and even though you can use it for a number of different cocktails, I myself prefer it as it is.

Did you know more than 20 apples are used to make each bottle of Mickey Finn.

Alcohol level of 15% so not too high not too low I think, that is just right for an enjoyable drink.

In the range, all the apple flavours you have are:

In the UK:
Sour Green Apple (The one i had and it’s yummy :-) )   
Whipped: Chocolate, Fruit & Nut! : a “dessert flavour” and the latest addition to the range.

And in Ireland:
Toffee apple
Prickly Pear
Pressed Red Apple

They all sound amazing don't they! Well, I think I am now addicted to this drink lol.

Mickey Finn are currently running weekly giveaways on their Facebook page, where you can win free Mickey Finn every week AND a weekend in Amsterdam for two! If you would like to enter, you simply need to ‘Take the Mickey’ by purchasing a bottle of Mickey Finn in Asda or The Co-op, and submitting the special code found on the neck-collar. By submitting this code on the Facebook app, alongside your favourite funny joke, you will be automatically entered into a weekly prize draw. If you are aiming for a trip to Amsterdam, you must share your joke with friends and family and get as many ‘Likes’ as possible.

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