Letts The original Diary..Back To School Range

Letts is the UK's leading diary manufacture.making 40% of Britain's branded diaries, the company employs more than 300 people at is factory in Dalkeith outside Edinburgh.

The company was founded by John Letts in 1796 and he created the world's first commercial diary 200 years ago in 1812.

Letts now sells more than 22 million diaries a year in 75 countries around the world.Embracing new technology,Letts also creates a wide range of bespoke and personalised products.

I was sent a couple of lovely products from the back to school range

One was the Butterfly A6 Week To View Diary 

The A6 Week to View Butterfly diary is delicate and pretty with a layered cover design. It comes with a convenient Ruler/Page Marker, so you will never lose your date! As well as storage pockets for all your spare notes. This diary is easy and clear to use with a beautiful design motif running throughout it.
I love this i think it is perfect for the kids when they go back to school it even has
Useful education contacts page
 Lots of different national information (country calling codes,holidays etc)
Information on time management,Studying and dealing with exams.
Has a few timetable pages
Pages for priorities
Doodles pages (my fave lol)

The Diary starts from July 2013 and ends August 2014
A very good deal for £6.49

The second product was the Notelets A6 Week To View Diary

Noteletts Scribble A6+ WTV / Notes Sunglasses 2013/14 Academic Diary

A stylish & fun A5 Week to View Diary.
The cover is stylish and great fun again it has a Diary but is also focused on being a notebook so it is 2 in 1 and it is not to heavy and big so will fit perfectly in a school bag. This is my personal fave as it has so much room for the notes. Again the Diary part starts July 2013 and ends July 2014.

Again a great deal at the price of £5.99.

Letts Has a great number of products so everyone so if you are looking for something for yourself or your kids then head on over to their website and check them out.


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