Briska Swedish Craft Cider

Briska is a Swedish premium Craft cider from Österlen on the south coast of Sweden. Österlen is famous for its many orchards and the coastal climate is ideal for cultivating fruit. The Österlen district is comprised of hilly landscapes with apple orchards, fields, pastures and beautiful long beaches. With its proximity to both the sea and countryside, the area is extraordinary and visitors are treated to a unique experience.

Briska is the only Swedish Craft Cider available in the UK.It is created at the family-run Kiviks Cider mill where the craft of generation has been passed down for generations. In 1888 Henric Åkesson started growing fruit on the coastal hills just outside Kivik, and since 1935 Kiviks Musteri has been producing cider.

Briska, is naturally fruity and extremely refreshing and is available in three delicious varieties in 330ml bottles; fresh pear, crisp apple and refreshing pomegranate, as well as Pear and Apple in 500ml bottles and draught pear cider.

I was sent the beautiful Pomegranate cider. I have never seen a cider in this flavour before.
Briska Pomegranate Cider contains 4.0% alc/vol it smells lovely and the taste is great it is refreshing and not overly fizzy like some ciders. I much prefer a drink to be less fizzy, that way you get to enjoy the taste more.

I was also sent the Briska Pear Cider which contains 4.5% alc/vol. Again, very refreshing and tastes much better than most pear ciders. Both are best served over ice to really enjoy it especially in the lovely weather we are having the last few days.

They are both amazing. My favourite is the pomegranate and would love to see more flavours coming out as Briska Ciders are refreshing, lightly sparkling and very well balanced. Fruity in taste but not too sweet, I would definitely give them 10 out of 10 :-)

We enjoyed our bottles shared between my hubby and myself over ice while out in the garden enjoying the sun, where you appreciate the smell and taste which seems to be heighten in the warm weather.

Of course you can enjoy it however you choose and serving this to your guests at a get together will give you a great talking point.

Elegance and style is the hallmark of Briska, from carefully crafted bottle to the attractive refreshing draught. The presentation of the brand is the perfect example of Sweden’s reputation as a world leader in design.

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