So Busy

Hiya everyone, Sorry i know i have not been posting much but June has been a ridiculously busy for me its one thing after another.I do not seem to have 5mins for myself

I just need to get this month out of the way and i will be back with you so much coming up competitions and reviews I am sure you all understand how sometimes life away from the computer has to come first for various reasons but i will be back hopefully this time next week.

Thank you for sticking around And also good luck to all my fellow compers that are working on EOM do not think i will get much done this month lol

See you all soon and enjoy the last few days of June :-)

Letts The original Diary..Back To School Range

Letts is the UK's leading diary manufacture.making 40% of Britain's branded diaries, the company employs more than 300 people at is factory in Dalkeith outside Edinburgh.

Emmi Caffe Latte Iced Coffee

Good morning all, Happy Monday (kind of lol).

Well if you like me hate Mondays and always need a bit of a pick me up to get going i have the perfect thing for you.

Stylfile S-Ped

S-Ped The Curved Foot File & Exfoliator,

Shearer Candles New E-commerce Website

It's official

Shearer Candles proudly presents their fabulous new e-commerce website.  To celebrate this launch They are giving all Their customers 30% off Their exclusive and new V&A Collaboration.

Briska Swedish Craft Cider

Briska is a Swedish premium Craft cider from Österlen on the south coast of Sweden. Österlen is famous for its many orchards and the coastal climate is ideal for cultivating fruit. The Österlen district is comprised of hilly landscapes with apple orchards, fields, pastures and beautiful long beaches. With its proximity to both the sea and countryside, the area is extraordinary and visitors are treated to a unique experience.

Total Merchandise Announces Date of TM SMArties 2013

So i know you have been all waiting to hear the date of Total Merchandise awards and finally it have been announced so here is the video for those of you that have yet to check it out..

Dave's Corner

Thats right Monday 24th of June 

Can not believe it that time has come so fast again .
So make sure you are around as there will be lots of fun and great prizes for the winners.

I will keep you all updated on here also with links to the videos etc so keep your eye out :-)

Happy Friday and have a lovely day

Mickey Finn Sour

Mickey Finn Sour
I was kindly sent a bottle of Mickey Finn Apple Sour to review..

The legendary Mickey Finn was an Irishman who emmigrated to the USA when times were hard at home. When he arrived in Chicago his career path led him inevitably to bars! Within no time Mickey had worked his way up from cellar hand to bar manager and soon after he started his own bar... The Lone Star & Palm Garden on Whiskey Row.

Filofax Calipso compact range

I was sent a lovely Filofax Calipso Compact Organiser to review.

Stand out from the crowd with Vibrant colours inspired by Latin America are brought to life in deluxe leather.

I love products like this and have been wanting to get one for a while as i am always needing to write things down especially when i am out but i either do not have a pen or paper :-(.

It looks very stylish and bright fits perfectly in my bag and will be coming everywhere with me, I love that it has conversion tables for clothing sizes,Weights and measures holidays etc.

Kay's Chili and Mango Cupcakes for National Picnic Week #picnicchallenge

I love a challenge and have been given a very good one from Unilever Kitchen.

National picnic week is from the 17th - 23rd June so make sure you all get out and enjoy a picnic in the sun (well if it comes out lol).

I was sent a wonderful picnic basket filled with lots of Unilever products to come up with something interesting and different using one or all of the ingredients included in the hamper.

Shrimp World The Self Contained Ecosystem

So Now you are probably wondering what i am on about lol,Well i got a lovely little gift in the post this morning for review and i love it so much i had to come and tell you all about it straight away.

Who of you have children that wants their own pet to look after but you do not want to get anything because of the worry of you ending up looking after it or something happening to it..If yes i have the perfect solution for you.

 So what is Shrimp World

So Much To Do So Little Time

Well its Sunday end of the week and few hours from starting the new week,Am i ready? NO way lol.

So many plans of what needs to be done even to the point of writing everything down in a carefully planned list which of course works for the top couple of things but as the week draws to an end many more things to complete.

New Month Means New Changes

Well as you can see my blog has had a little change including the name i think it maybe a little better but would love feedback,I just wanted to do something different the old colours and name was really boring me.I still want to do more but have not decided what yet so i will keep you all updated.

Anyway happy new month everyone and i hope to bring you lots more posts :-)