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I know a lot of people are wanting to change their diet at this time of the year so i thought i should bring you to the attention of SML who's name stands for  Slimming & Maintaining for Life.

If you want a great diet that does not involve to much stress then this is perfect for you SML help you lose weight and maintain that through a restricted calorie diet through food packs (meal replacement) and at the same time teaching you to change your behavior around foods.

SML have trained weight management mentors who are there to help and guide you through to help you every step of the way,They understand that dieting can be very confusing with all the different diets offering all sorts but rest assured they will give you the best advice and help you could ask for.
SML diets is simple,Structured and great value for money.

The products on offer are lovely and taste great they have everything you could want.

They have tasty Meals like Spaghetti Bolognese.
Yummy Bars like Nutty caramel bar. 
Snacks like noodles.
Soups like Creamy Chicken.
Shakes like Banana. 
Also if you would like Water Flavoring like Pineapple.
 Prices are really good From just £1.35 each for most of the products.

So what else do SML offer you.

Well if you are finding it a bit hard to get motivated whilst following SML Diet then why don't you book one of their FREE Motivational Phone calls all done by qualified weight management counselor,Must be book 24hours in advance.

Also They offer each and everyone of Their customers.

Free weight loss support forum via their closed Facebook group.
Continued blogs with related topics.
Facebook and Twitter support and news.
BMI exercise and health guidance.
Discreet packaging and great delivery options.
Lower prices to you.
Information on on Ketosis ,VLCD and LCD.
Convenience if you don't wish to attend a meeting they can deliver.
Free membership.
Loyalty scheme they reward you every time you shop with them.

I would really recommend this to anyone that wants an easy simple diet i am very fussy with food and i have tried a few of the products from the SML range and i have to say they taste great really enjoyable the flavour is great and everything is easy to prepare.

The main thing that i want to tell you is that there is great help and support there you will never feel like you are on your own and if you are not happy with anything just contact SML and they will be there to help you. I found the customer service was really great very friendly and helpful.

So if you would like to find out more

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