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Hello everyone hope you are all well and enjoying the short week.

I have a lovely review for you and that is a wonderful company from Kent called Slim Sam's Cakery.

Sami Created Slim Sam's cakery two years ago after spending alot of time trying to create a perfect cake that was low in fat.

So let me show your the result of Sami's hard work,

The most amazing cupcakes literally cupcakes lol i love the little cups.Nicely wrapped up and tied with a ribbon.

Sami was kind enough to send me some to review and i must say i was very impressed from the start.

They came packed in a sturdy box which was really good i was worried if they would make it without being squashed and knowing the postmen they probably threw it around.

Now for the cakes lets start with the lemon cake,

Beautiful tasting cake the lemon flavouring is just right made with Sami's own homemade fat free lemon curd and also topped with some lemon curd too.

Next we have the Banana cake 

Made Fresh ripe bananas (one and a half bananas in each small batch of cupcakes)with a hint of spice and on the top is a pecan.

Next is Berry cake,

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries go in to these lovely cakes topped with a fresh blueberry.

Next is Coffee cake,

Freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee is used to make these and topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean.This cake was created for the London coffee festival 2013.

Next for the ginger cake,

A spicy cake made using stem ginger and a refreshing twist of lime,the topped with a chunk of crystallized ginger.

 Last but not least Jammy cake.

 The Jammy cake is a soft vanilla sponge with a well of reduced sugar strawberry jam and if that was not enough it is topped with a strawberry.

So now you have seen all the tasty cakes let me tell you these cakes are simple divine a lovely treat guilt free i might add.

These cakes are typically 40% less fat and 25% fewer calories than a regular cake.

Typical Values Per 100 g*

Energy: 283 kcal /1184 kJ.  Protein: 6.7 g.  Carbohydrate: 42 g.  Fat: 9.8 g.

Typical Values Per Cake*

Energy: 170 cal / 710 kJ.  Protein: 4 g.  Carbohydrate: 25 g.  Fat: 5.8 g.
* taken as an average of the six flavours available

You can buy the cakes in boxes of 6,9 or 16 for the same flavour starting from £12.99

Or you can buy a box of mixed cakes in box of 9 for £19.35.

The cakes are now available to order online with the cakes being baked fresh to order and sent the same day using royal mail and you dont have to worry the packaging is perfect.

I would recommend these beautiful cupcakes we really enjoyed them and its great how much flavour is packed in to each one they are moist and very enjoyable and dont forget they are guilt free :-).

Also the website is very easy to navigate and the customer service is brilliant you will not be disapointed a top company on all levels.

Please got ahead and Visit Sami's Website Here
And visit the Facebook Page
Or Twitter

Thank you to Sami for sending me these wonderful cupcakes i love them and im sure you my readers will too so go ahead and try them for yourself.

Thank you for reading everyone :-)

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