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The “Paul Hollywood effect” gets breadmaker sales soaring


Russell Hobbs, the UK’s No. 1 small domestic appliance brand, has reported an enormous boom in the sales of its breadmaker, following the success of hit TV show ‘Paul Hollywood’s Bread’

Thanks to Hollywood’s passion for bread baking, sales of the Russell Hobbs breadmaker have increased an incredible 42%, to become the bestselling breadmaker on the market.
 The dramatic rise has coincided with the broadcast of the popular BBC 2 baking series, which has been on air for almost two months.
 Marketing Director Vicky Williams says, “Thanks to Paul Hollywood, Britain is inspired to reignite its passion for baking bread at home, rather than just buying a loaf from the supermarket.”
 Hollywood shows just how easy it is to make beautiful, hand-crafted loafs and we are delighted that fans have turned to Russell Hobbs to help recreate this experience home, making the Russell Hobbs Breadmaker the go to gadget for newly enthused bread bakers.”
 Like Hollywood, Russell Hobbs is a British institution which has been at the heart of homes for over 60 years.  His simple technique, as well as his good looks, combine with our breadmaker’s simple functionality, is the perfect recipe for getting the nation fall in love with baking ever more,” continues Williams.

I have a new addition to my kitchen one that i have wished and dreamed about for a long time and thanks to the lovely team at Russell Hobbs My dream has come true.

Here is my lovely brand new All singing all dancing Breadmaker :-)

Gone are the days of spending time kneading the dough sweating over getting everything done. Just put in your ingredients and leave it to do it for you..

A closer view of all the buttons and screen i will show you these more below.

Ok so this one thanks to my phone did not show up so well but let me explain.

This is the menu and it gives you the numbers of the selection for what you would like to do.
9,Gluten Free
10,Fastbake I
11,Fastbake II

 That is the button for the menu.

This is your little screen and the timer (if needed)

the start and stop button and then you have a size button you can have a small 500g,medium 750g or a large 1kg loaf for use only with basic,french,wholewheat,sweet and sandwich programs.

Also the crust colour light,medium and dark.

Included is the instruction Manuel that includes the recipes for each of the options which is very handy but you must remember to put all ingredients in the correct measurements and in the correct order so that it will come out perfect. i love the fact that it does everything for you,and it also will keep yur bread warm for an hour after it has finished. For practicality it has a 55 minute fast bake function and also a 13 hour delay bake timer great for those last minute urges and also for those planned brunches. 

I literally jumped for joy when this turned up i love homemade bread but got fed up with doing it in the oven and knowing it was going to take me so much time, Now all i have to do is load the ingredients press a few options and off it goes.

The loaf tin inside the maker very easy to remove and put back in.

The paddle inside the tin all ready to do the hard work :-)

Loaf tin removed.

Bottom of the loaf tin.

Inside the bread maker once loaf tin is removed.

Now since receiving this i have yet to go shopping to get more ingredients but i am today so i will be doing another post on how the bread turns out..

I am really excited to finally be able to have fresh bread at the touch of a button.

Russell Hobbs Breadmaker is available online at

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