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I wanted to tell you a little about a great company called Come Round if you didn't already know about them.

Come Round is an amazing company that enables a chosen amount of people to get their hands on amazing and exclusive products to be able to host your own themed party,

 Each Come Round event consists of hundreds of get-togethers that take place across the country in the homes of carefully selected consumers, with a brand or product at the center of these events.

Come Round organises loads of exclusive parties around new products plus major new albums, movies, books, games and TV shows. As a party host, you will be one of the first to see and hear new releases and receive lots of free and exclusive stuff as a thank you for your enthusiasm.

How do you get involved?

Well head over to the Come Round Website and sign up so you will be sent an email when it is time to sign up for a new party.

When you have an email telling you there is a new party you then follow the instructions and apply to be a host for that particular party,Get in there quick because alot of people apply but not everyone gets in, If you are lucky enough to get chosen then you will be sent another email letting you know and you have to invite a certain amount of your friends that will be coming to you party via email,Your friend then has to accept the invite for it to count normally each party must have 10 people so you and 9 guests.And the parties are held on a certain date which you have to stick to so that way lots of people all across the country are enjoying at the same time,

Once they have seen that all your friends have confirmed and it is time for the party packs to be sent you will get another email with tracking numbers which is really good.

So this month There is 2 parties happening 

The first one Is the World Baking Day which is taking place on 19th May  and i was lucky enough to get chosen this is my first party with them and i am very impressed so far.

For this party we were sent 2 packs,
1 was for Stork because you cant make a cake with out Stork :-) in the box was 10 X 500g packs of Stork as we have to keep one for ourselves and give 1 to each of our guests coming as they have to bake a cake also and bring it along to the party but not to decorate it till party time.

The second pack was filled with so many goodies for decorating cakes and music to listen to on party day balloons poster and bunting.

The full contents of this wonderful World Baking Day pack:
  • World Baking Day A1 poster to decorate your party (keep hold of this for competitions too)
  • Party Planners detailing all the party competitions and prizes
  • 1 x Tall chef hat for the host
  • World Baking Day / Stork Cocktail sticks
  • 10 x 10″ balloons
  • 10 x Bunting (5m each)
  • 10 “Helping Britain Bake Better” Tea Towels 100% cotton
  • Stork cookery books
  • A plethora of Cake Angels decorations courtesy of Fiddes Payne
  • 6 cup muffin sheet courtesy of Pyrex
  • Here Comes The Sun - album by Louise Dearman, the perfect musical accompaniment to party day
  • Great Ormand Street Hospital banner, leaflets and collection boxes (read more about the official charity of World Baking Day)
There was also a golden ticket in one of the boxes which enabled the winner to have £100 worth of Pyrex goodies well done to the lucky winner..

On the day there is also competitions that everyone having the parties will be involved in one is for the best decorated cake so wish me luck.and also for group photo yourself and all you guests at your party.

 I am very excited for this party and as you can see you have everything here to have a great time.I will be posting my pics of our cakes and let you know how the party went.

I have also been accepted for the Madhatters Tea Party for later on this month so i will update you all when the pack comes for that as we are still in suspense as to what is in the box :-)

 So now you have seen a little bit about this what is stopping you from joining up and maybe being chosen to take part in another fun Come Round Party.

Sign Up Here
Come Round Facebook Page See What Is Happening And Join In The Fun
Come Round Twitter
Come Round You Tube Channel

If you were lucky enough to get accepted also wishing you the best of luck and enjoy your party :-)

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