Well you have all seen my love of canvas pictures before,But i have just been sent a new one and i am more than happy with it..

So CanvasPop Has been producing top quality canvas since 2009.They also specialize in mobile phone pictures or ones from Facebook and instagram.

I have had companies tell me that they can not do photos under a certain quality and that did not seem very helpful when alot of people take photos on their mobile phones and some are not exactly perfect quality or the right size,Now i had exactly the same problem with one of my favorite pictures of Belinda and Bolt i love this picture and the phone i took the picture with was as useful as a chocolate teapot lol.

When i sent it to the wonderful team at Canvaspop more so to Alyssa She was really really helpful and assured me that the picture could be used and they wanted me to love it so i sent it along and spent time wondering would it really turn out nice after everything everyone else had said?

Well here is the picture that was sent on
Bear in mind it is not a very big or great quality picture although it looks good here lol.

And here is the finished result.

Its is amazing i am so happy with it and its bigger than i thought it would be

Here you can see it from further away

The Quality is 11/10 and this was the only picture i had wished i could make bigger and now thanks to CanvasPop i have it.

Why i took this upside down i dont know lol but anyway They had also kindly put attachments Piano wire across it and it has bumpers on the corners so it will not rub on the walls.

Also included was more fittings and a lovely gift card.

Be safe in the knowledge they will do your pictures proud and leave you stunned but the results.

So what else can you get from Canvaspop that you would not get from other companies.

Free Digital Proofs (see what you will get so no surprises)
Your own personal designer (not just an email or call center where they just think of you as a number)
World class customer support (I can vouch for that )
Best quality canvas prints in the world with amazing prices
Lifetime no hassle guarantee,you love it or if not they will re print it or give you your money back its what they call their 100%  Love Guarantee. 
Very easy to order
Pictures from Facebook,mobile and many more ,
Any resolution,format or size they will make it look amazing :-)

Is there a picture you have been wanting to get printed but your having a hard time choosing the right company well try CanvasPop and you will not be disappointed.Im am extremely happy with my canvas  the one picture i never thought could be done has been and that will prove to others that said it can not be done that they are wrong.And i must just say as well the print and delivery time is great and everything packaged really well so you do not have to worry about damaged in transit.

So what are you waiting for check CanvasPop out


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