Rocky Double Choc Orange


- Introducing the new limited edition Rocky Double Choc Orange –

 For those with a taste for adventure, a new treat awaits… enter the Rocky Double Choc Orange Bar. A limited edition Rocky experience like no other, that’s sure to tantalise the taste buds of biscuit fans everywhere.

Giving an old favourite a new lease of life, Rocky Double Choc Orange boasts a chocolately base and the sweet flavour of orange cream, all wrapped up in a delicious milk chocolate layer.

Available in a pack of nine individually wrapped bars, this new limited edition range is the perfect treat for an exciting day out, as a tasty snack on the go, or as an extra special surprise in a school lunchbox.

Offering double the fun with a twist, Rocky Double Choc Orange is available for a limited time only in all major supermarkets, RRP £1.59, so pick up a pack and let the adventure begin.

My Review.

I did a review at Christmas for Foxes Biscuits and really really loved them so when i was given the opportunity to try the Rocky Double Choc Orange i was not about to say no.

These really remind me of when i was younger and the kinds of things i would have in my lunchbox for school.

The Limited Edition Biscuit bars should not be limited edition they are really tasty the flavours are great and i love that there is a thick layer of Orange cream in the middle and the nice crunchy Biscuit,Kids and Grownups will love them just them same and to be honest the are addictive i found myself reaching for another one as soon as i had finished one.Then being told by little man "You are not allowed another one because you said im not allowed another one" lol I then felt like doing exactly what He did when i told him he could not have another one and that was to stand there and stamp my feet and say thats not fair :-) 

I hope they keep these around for a long time because i dont think you can find another that tastes quite as good and that is so generous on the filling...I would recommend heading down  to you local supermarket and giving these a try £1.59 for a pack of 9 is really not a bad price when you take in to account the quality think i need to buy some now :-).

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  1. Oh I lovvvvve Rockys, these sound fab. I just stopped buying them because I can't eat just one or two I end up eating the whole packet!

    1. Thanks for your comment Hilda yep they are way to adictable lol