Goodfella's Pizza's Really Are Good

Full-on flavour from Goodfella’s with new range

Size matters when you’re talking about flavour: there are just some times when you want a huge taste hit and nothing meeker will do! The new Flavour Fellas range from Goodfella’s ticks all the taste-bud boxes with a pizza that packs a punch Rocky Balboa would be proud of.

The three varieties are sure to be a hit with students and younger adults, whose hunt for the next ‘big eat’ will lead them directly to the freezer aisles this autumn.

They’ll be met head on by these three feisty fellas:

·     The Hotfella is a fiery combination of pepperoni, chorizo sausage, jalapeño and Roquito® peppers on a spicy tomato chilli sauce

·     The MeatyFella is a hearty pizza full of chunky beef meatballs and mince, accompanied by generous helpings of mozzarella and cheddar cheese

·     The BigCheese is a magnificent blend of mozzarella and red cheddar in a white cheese sauce, finished off with a crunchy cheddar topping

The Goodfella’s Flavour Fellas range will be available at all major multiples with an RRP of £2.69.

Goodfella’s pizza is owned by 2 Sisters Food Group. The brand launched in 1994 in Ireland, and then in the UK the following year. 

My Review.

I was very kindly sent some vouchers to try Goodfella's,not usually a fan  of Shop brought pizza Im always unsure and a few i have tried have been really bad lol..i normally make my own at home as i love them to be soft thick base and more packed with ingredients than you could imagine,My favorites are the pizza's in Malta now if you have been there and tried them from the little shops you will know what i mean,Anyway i got offered the chance so i said why not its worth a try,Off we all went to the supermarket now i didnt know how big the range actually was i was pleasantly  suprised We decided to try 

The Hotfella-Nice thick base and plenty of ingredients i loved that when the chorizo cooked on there it let out its oil which made it even better . i couldnt complain and it smelt so good cooking everyone decided to crowd up the kitchen waiting lol I wanted to take a picture but as soon as i turned round the pizza had grown legs and Vanished :-) the flavours work really well together and it has a very nice spicy taste too it although hubby being hubby says he would love it more spicy lol over all i really liked it tastes as good as home made and really does taste like an authentic pizza should.

The Meatyfella-I loved this as i love pizza with beef on i normally add this to my pizza  at home.Plenty of cheese and its really filling even after i had help eating it. what alot of pizza's don't do is fill me up and i end up eating a whole one but this was really filling but belive me even if you are full you will want more.

The last one we tried was the Stonebaked thin BBQ Chicken--This was simply delicious plenty of chicken and peppers and the Sweetness of the BBQ Sauce makes it so good i really enjoyed it and it being thin did not really matter it was still good although i would love it on a deep dish pizza then it would be 11 out of 10 lol..

Overall we really enjoyed the pizza's and even though i do love to make my own i will not hesitate to buy any of the GoodFella's range to take a break and let someone else do the hard work..

If you would like to see the rest of the range and find out all the Nutritional values of these pizza's Head on to the Goodfella's Website

Thanks for reading. 

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