New Year New Thoughts And Plans

So we have now all survived the first week of the year well 12 days now lol and time is just flying by,

Im trying to catch up on everything from before christmas and makes plans for this year what do i really want to do.

Im going to be doing more on the blog you will find out more about me this year and i will be running more competitions.Im trying to make my blog as well rounded as i can you will see my love of good food and my mission to make a house a home with its decor also will be bringing you gift idea for the everyday gifts not just Christmas and so much more :-)

I want to wish my fellow blogger and comps a very luck and good year and wish you every success in everything you do.

My main wish this year is that people would stop arguing over things that life is to short for, you all know i enter alot of competitions but i am getting put off everyday,Reason all of the companies that are not making it fair on the entrants/change the rules or choose someone that clearly is not a genuine entrant, Also to all the people that feel the need to get involved at naming and shaming people please think before you act think of the consequence on that person and yourselves because even if you are innocent once you start putting names out there you can be seen as the bad one. There are ways and means of getting these things reported and sorted.It takes a bigger person to walk away dont make a name for yourself, I do read alot of these problems but try and stay clear of making comments on the actual argument because i dont want my name posted up for the world to see this is the internet. Remember entering competitions is ment to be fun keep it that way if you dont win you dont win there is always another one to enter,And to people that like to think they can say that people that enter competitions are this that and the other, they need to get a job etc, That is totally unacceptable people all have different problems some stay at home because of certain reason and alot of my friends have full time jobs and do comping too, Its not against the law to spend 5 mins comping or all day each to their own i saw and just give each other a bit of respect,treat everyone how you wish to be treated. but to everyone that enters competitions properly and honestly lots of luck to you all..

Anyway rant over lol i would rather write it on here as this is my blog and i can write what i like if you dont like it dont give me abuse just dont read its as simple as that.

So thank you to all my followers for helping me with my wish to have my own blog i hope to bring you lots more and thank you to my group of comping friends on facebook who spread the word about my blog and support me Tamalyn,Lila,Hilda,Suzanne,Janine,Saran,Kelli,....and everyone that if i keep on mentioning names ill be here all day lol


  1. Happy New Year Kay and hope its The Year of the Blog for you and lots of success and fun with it! The politics of competitions can sometimes be very off-putting so I'm off for another walk instead, helps keep the balance ;-)

  2. Thanks Hilda,Yeah your right I think its good to have some time away this year i think i need to win a break away tropical island in the middle of nowhere would be great lol

  3. well done on your blog hun, am glad you are having fun with it, and thanks for the shout out!! xx

    1. Thanks Tamalyn and your welcome thanks for all your help :-)