Heat Holders Thermal Underwear

Brrr its extremely cold right now and Heating is costing us a fortune prices are rising but the temperatures are not lol.

Anyway do you want to do something about it well invest in some Heat Holders Thermal Underwear

They really work Belive me Ive put them to the test.In this house we are forever putting the heating on over the last couple of months and being GCH its costing alot of money prices are way out of proportion and to try to stop spending all this money on gas we were trying our best to keep warm during the day and putting it on during the night not as easy as i thought Normally my feet are the coldest but thanks to the Heat Holder socks i was sent before my feet have been the warmest part of me lol.Hubby was really missing out always complaining about his feet being cold but he was very kindly sent a pair for himself and he has been so happy and warm feet ever since and he is the one out more of the time So thank you for sending them to him.

Now i was asked if i would like to review the thermal underwear range and i said yes i mean anything to try and get warmer.

I was sent the white ones Top and Leggings.They looked really comfortable and guess what they were fit to your skin nicely they look really thin but work amazingly well and under your clothes you cant notice that you have them on they have a nice supportive fit..

I can now actually sit with these on and just a t-shirt and jogging bottoms over them and i am really warm without the heating on you can even wear them to bed wear them anytime you like..

 Also i must just say that after washing a couple of times they are still great they have not lost any of the quality.

Leggings have a TOG rating of 0.39

This thermal underwear is made from an advanced insulating yarn that provides high performance insulation against the cold. They also feature a comfort gusset which improves fit and adds comfort for all-day wear.

  What does ‘TOG RATING’ mean?

TOG is a recognised measure of a textile’s thermal ability. Simply put, the higher the TOG rating, the better a products is able to keep you warm.
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  • 34% Polyamide 33% Modal 31% Viscose 2% Elastane
  • 1 Pair Pack
  • 0.39 TOG
  • Comfort Gusset
  • Brushed Inside
  • Thermal underwear for ladies

Thermal Long Sleeved Vests.
Heat Holders thermal construction holds more warm air close to the skin, keeping you warmer for longer!

They are rated at TOG 0.39

  • 63% Modal 35% Polyamide 2% Elastane
  • 1 Pack
  • 0.39 TOG rating
  • Ribbed construction to shape the body

And dont worry they have a mens range too :-)

 So i would defiantly recommend people to invest in some of these no need to feel the cold any more i can quite happily go out walking the dogs with these on under my clothes and of course my Heat holder socks and i am very warm all i need to in vest in is Their gloves and Hats then i will be 100% toasty.Thanks for reading everyone.

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