Happy Monday Everyone

Hope your all well i will be posting some more posts today.

Hope your all coping with the weather, i dont even want to go outside lol.today just feels like a curl up and go back to bed day,

My Hubby cooked me an amazing breakfast yesterday which i was full from the whole day

I will be writing more about it later but here is a sneak peak.

It may not look it but it tasted amazing...Chorizo Sausage thanks to the wonderful http://www.spanishhamgourmet.co.uk/ with mushrooms onions paprika (sweet) and eggs then of course 2 slices of bread with olive oil butter..It tasted so amazing and the oil from the meal with the bread was yummy..

Hubby had rice with his but im not much of a rice eater and he does not eat much bread lol

I want to eat it again but we have finished all the chorizo so will have to go and buy some more lol...

 Anyway just felt like sharing lol and will now go on and figure out how to put my day in to order and probably by the time i have done that the day will be done :-)

Have a great day all.

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