Gingerbread from Sarah

So ive always been in love with gingerbread right from a child and while i can cook most things to be honest my gingerbread sucks lol.

So i was on the hunt for good Gingerbread but not just a gingerbread man you can buy in the shops,I wanted something homemade something you can decorate then i came across the lovely Sarah Biscuits

She bakes all the biscuits to order so you know you are getting them next to fresh, The gingerbread kits are great they come in all different ones that you can build and decorate and include  the home baked biscuits, instructions, one tube of writing icing and a sachet of sprinkles...You also get to select which icing you would like to have you can choose from a few colours.

 The ingredients of the special gingerbread biscuits are wheat flour, butter (salt), dark muscovado sugar, golden syrup, ground ginger (contains sulphites), bicarbonate of soda.

Now she kindly sent me some to test out for myself and little man was very excited  as he loves gingerbread (really must work on getting better at making it lol)

We have a Tractor,Gingerbread men and a castle so far since they have arrived only yesterday we have done the gingerbread man.

And here he is in all his glory lol

we used more icing colours as lil man said that he could not work with just one lol.

They taste amazing very well done and taste nice and fresh they were baked on monday and i had them first thing wednesday morning.

This is the tractor kit which we will be doing after school today. I will be uploading the pictures later on i like that you have to use the icing to stick the pieces together and make it 3D.

The castle pack too.

Sarah also has party packs so if you want them for a party you have more than one kit in the pack..You can buy gift vouchers so if you dont know which one someone will like why not buy them a voucher so they can buy themselves..

And since Valentines day is getting closer by the day i thought i should mention that there are also cards available.

   A Valentines card and an original gift in one! A heart-shaped gingerbread biscuit in an aperture card with a writing icing tube.

You can choose your card colour from the 3 options and also when you would like the card delivered..

Head on over to the Website and take a look and treat yourself
Or pop over with any questions or say hello over on the Facebook page

Sarah is lovely and will help you with whatever you need and she makes great Gingerbread i will recommend her to anyone and so will you once you have tried them and trust me not only the children will love them :-) The website is very good and easy to use and if you have any problems you only have to contact Sarah and she replies quick. This is quite a new business so show her some support and pass it on to your friends and family so they dont miss out :-)

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