DGJ range Review

The DGJ Range has and always will be based on Designer Salon Professional Status – so much so that the major Hairdressing bodies are showing interest in the products and in particular Medichem's exciting up and coming new product development. 

All of the DGJ products have been tried and tested in Salons proving the quality of the products.
It is our intention to focus on the professional effects and reputable quality of the product whilst unashamedly substantiating where and how the range has been rigorously tried and tested.  
I always tend to use the same shampoo and i feel like im constantly washing my hair and it does not look as good as it could and ive tried alot of shampoos lol
DGJ Organics Mandarin Essential Oils & Rose Extracts Revitalise & Cleanse Hair To Remove Build Up & Impurities 

HairJuice Clarifying Shampoo 250ml - £5.99.

This Shampoo is fab the smell is amazing and after washing my hair with it my hair now is shiny and soft and 2 days on of leaving my hair to see how it is it still smells lovely and is shiny.

HairJuice Clarifying Conditioner 250ml - £5.99 
Same with the conditioner it smells amazing and has done wonders for my hair.

                                                     Berutti Oil 150ml - £7.99

Ive never tried oils in my hair before but i thought i should at least give it a go, so i followed the instructions and once i had towel dried hair..Once applied my hair did feel good it seems to have stopped it going flyaway which my hair always does and there has not been anything i can do about it but this has helped no end

DGJ Organics have plenty more on their website including childrens,so go ahead and try some for yourself im sure you will be very pleased with the results.
I think the price is the same a what i pay now for my shampoo and conditioner so i think i will go ahead and change to these, I am very happy i got to test these products otherwise i would of not brought them.


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