Chorizo And Egg

Well following on from my post about hubby cooking me a fantastic breakfast i thought i should show you what went in..

Yummy cooking Chorizo

Chopped up.

In the frying pan was chopped onions and mushrooms then in goes the chorizo and once its just about cooked

Add some eggs

we had to get some extra from sainsburys as we had finished all the ones from our chickens and i didnt want to wait lol but normally i hate supermarket eggs.

no they didnt stay like that lol you can add some Ground chilli powder too which hubby always does and to everything lol

This was mine i decided to have mine with bread and olive oil spread it tasted amazing and i love the oil from the Chorizo

This is hubby's he had his with rice but i don't eat that much rice don't know why never really liked it that much.

So there you have it my new favorite breakfast might not look that interesting but believe me it tastes amazing.

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