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Get Ready To Flash Those Pearly Whites This Valentine’s Day!

Give your special Valentine a smooch with confidence this February!  Valentine’s Day; a day full of kisses, heart-shaped chocolates, and all things romantic – so flash those pearly whites and let the romance sparkle! Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive toothpastes are at your side to help you achieve that “Hollywood smile” in just 5 minutes, making your teeth whiter to ensure you are irresistible to kiss! 

Favoured by the Stars, you too can get the “Celebrity smile!” So get ready to pucker those lips with Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes.
Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive Formula both help protect and maintain that all important smile by combatting bad breath, tartar build up, stains and debris to help prevent gum disease. The range of toothpastes offer a more affordable way to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, and keep your breath fresher for longer. The Beverly Hills range of toothpastes are proven to be less abrasive than many regular and teeth whitening toothpaste brands, so they are kinder to your teeth and are suitable for everyday use.

Independent research* proved that Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes are more effective at removing stains when compared with other leading brands. Studies showed that nearly 91% of stains were removed after using Beverly Hills Perfect White over a 5 minute period, whilst other leading brands scored as low as 41%. 
Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive toothpastes are enriched with key ingredients such as advanced Hydrated Silica which offers high performance whitening enhancement, whilst the stain dissolvent agent Pentasodium Triphosphate prevents food particles from settling on your teeth.   

Perfect White also provides a protective coating of Tetrasodium Pyrophosate, which is an extra stain removal anti-tartar ingredient and Triclosan which kills plaque-forming bacteria. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, then Perfect White Sensitive offers you all the benefits of Perfect White but with the added assistance of Potassium Citrate, for immediate sensitivity relief. 

Whether you have sensitive teeth, suffer from bad breath or tartar build up, Beverly Hills Formula have a product to suit you! Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive toothpastes offer professional tooth whitening results; leaving your teeth lighter, whiter, and brighter for longer. So get ready to impress this Valentine’s Day with Beverly Hills Formula!

*Research commissioned by leading Dental School in the UK (July 2012) revealed that Beverly Hills Formula was more effective at stain removal during a 5 minute period

Beverly Hills Formula offer a complete Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. 

Beverly Hills Perfect White & Sensitive 75ml RRP: £3.99 Available from Superdrug.

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I was lucky enough to be sent a tube of Normal and a tube of sensitive. I must first start by telling you i don't normally believe in all this whitening stuff because Ive not found anything that really does it.
But i decided to give it a go and see it if was really as good as it says.

The flavour is nice its not too overpowering like some toothpastes to be honest as soon as i had finished i felt a difference my teeth were already looking whiter i had to ask hubby just in case it was just wishful thinking lol, but he agreed so far so good.

While eating nothing seemed to stick to my teeth like it normally does i didn't even feel like i needed to brush straight after eating which i normally do  i love that it makes me feel more confident to go out and eat and not really want to rush all the way home to brush my teeth or take a travel tooth brush and paste (yes i really do that lol).

My teeth felt clean all day and look really good this really does what it says on the pack oh and 1 more thing you have all seen the advert where the girl rubs her finger on her teeth and it squeaks right? i was always like yeah whatever not happening..but you know what with this paste my teeth really are squeaky clean.

Im extremely happy with this paste and will be buying it again i think this paste is on top of the rest don't think it can be go ahead and take a look at the website for much more information i would definitely recommenced this if you would like whiter teeth and to remove stains im a big coffee drinker so its definitely what i need already i can see a difference..

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