Chorizo And Egg

Well following on from my post about hubby cooking me a fantastic breakfast i thought i should show you what went in..

Yummy cooking Chorizo

Chopped up.

In the frying pan was chopped onions and mushrooms then in goes the chorizo and once its just about cooked

Add some eggs

we had to get some extra from sainsburys as we had finished all the ones from our chickens and i didnt want to wait lol but normally i hate supermarket eggs.

no they didnt stay like that lol you can add some Ground chilli powder too which hubby always does and to everything lol

This was mine i decided to have mine with bread and olive oil spread it tasted amazing and i love the oil from the Chorizo

This is hubby's he had his with rice but i don't eat that much rice don't know why never really liked it that much.

So there you have it my new favorite breakfast might not look that interesting but believe me it tastes amazing.

Beverly Hills Formula


Get Ready To Flash Those Pearly Whites This Valentine’s Day!

Cruga Biltong The best addiction ever

If you want a snack don't head for the crisps and chocolate.Grab some Biltong

Biltong is a kind of cured meat that originated in South Africa. Many different types of meat are used to produce it, ranging from beef through game meats to fillets of ostrich from commercial farms. It is typically made from raw fillets of meat cut into strips following the grain of the muscle, or flat pieces sliced across the grain. It is similar to beef jerky in that they are both spiced, dried meats, but differ in their typical ingredients, taste and production processes; in particular the main difference from jerky is that biltong is usually thicker (from cuts up to 1" (25 mm) thick), while jerky is rarely more than 1/8" (3 mm) thick and biltong does not have a sweet taste.

One of those weeks

Well i know i said i would be back with more posts last week but what can i say it was one of them weeks.

Don't even know where the time went it was just one of those weeks and the dreaded flu hit the household like a tornado and anything that could distract me did lol.

So here we are again happy Monday and lets see how far i get this week.

Have a great one and thank you all for you continued support :-)


Happy Monday Everyone

Hope your all well i will be posting some more posts today.

Hope your all coping with the weather, i dont even want to go outside just feels like a curl up and go back to bed day,

My Hubby cooked me an amazing breakfast yesterday which i was full from the whole day

I will be writing more about it later but here is a sneak peak.

It may not look it but it tasted amazing...Chorizo Sausage thanks to the wonderful with mushrooms onions paprika (sweet) and eggs then of course 2 slices of bread with olive oil butter..It tasted so amazing and the oil from the meal with the bread was yummy..

Hubby had rice with his but im not much of a rice eater and he does not eat much bread lol

I want to eat it again but we have finished all the chorizo so will have to go and buy some more lol...

 Anyway just felt like sharing lol and will now go on and figure out how to put my day in to order and probably by the time i have done that the day will be done :-)

Have a great day all.

Get a Funzee and look no further for warmth,comfort and fun all in one

Good morning everyone,How are you all today? Cold? well im not and its all thanks to...


Gingerbread from Sarah

So ive always been in love with gingerbread right from a child and while i can cook most things to be honest my gingerbread sucks lol.

Transform your Home With Wellsprints

Feel like doing something amazing with your decor? Want to do something different? Want to stand out?

Well if you do head on over to and check out their amazing collection of wall stickers.

Sweet And Nostalgic

Who wishes they could go back to their childhood and eat the sweets from then or see things that your grandparents may have had well ive found the perfect place for you..

So we have gotten Christmas out of the way but whats next we have Valentines day, Easter,Birthdays all to come.

Are you stuck for what to buy for the person that has everything? Want to get them something personal ?

New Year New Thoughts And Plans

So we have now all survived the first week of the year well 12 days now lol and time is just flying by,

Im trying to catch up on everything from before christmas and makes plans for this year what do i really want to do.

Im going to be doing more on the blog you will find out more about me this year and i will be running more competitions.Im trying to make my blog as well rounded as i can you will see my love of good food and my mission to make a house a home with its decor also will be bringing you gift idea for the everyday gifts not just Christmas and so much more :-)

I want to wish my fellow blogger and comps a very luck and good year and wish you every success in everything you do.

My main wish this year is that people would stop arguing over things that life is to short for, you all know i enter alot of competitions but i am getting put off everyday,Reason all of the companies that are not making it fair on the entrants/change the rules or choose someone that clearly is not a genuine entrant, Also to all the people that feel the need to get involved at naming and shaming people please think before you act think of the consequence on that person and yourselves because even if you are innocent once you start putting names out there you can be seen as the bad one. There are ways and means of getting these things reported and sorted.It takes a bigger person to walk away dont make a name for yourself, I do read alot of these problems but try and stay clear of making comments on the actual argument because i dont want my name posted up for the world to see this is the internet. Remember entering competitions is ment to be fun keep it that way if you dont win you dont win there is always another one to enter,And to people that like to think they can say that people that enter competitions are this that and the other, they need to get a job etc, That is totally unacceptable people all have different problems some stay at home because of certain reason and alot of my friends have full time jobs and do comping too, Its not against the law to spend 5 mins comping or all day each to their own i saw and just give each other a bit of respect,treat everyone how you wish to be treated. but to everyone that enters competitions properly and honestly lots of luck to you all..

Anyway rant over lol i would rather write it on here as this is my blog and i can write what i like if you dont like it dont give me abuse just dont read its as simple as that.

So thank you to all my followers for helping me with my wish to have my own blog i hope to bring you lots more and thank you to my group of comping friends on facebook who spread the word about my blog and support me Tamalyn,Lila,Hilda,Suzanne,Janine,Saran,Kelli,....and everyone that if i keep on mentioning names ill be here all day lol

Heat Holders Thermal Underwear

Brrr its extremely cold right now and Heating is costing us a fortune prices are rising but the temperatures are not lol.

Anyway do you want to do something about it well invest in some Heat Holders Thermal Underwear

Canvas Dezigns

Ive been wanting to get some pictures of the dogs on to canvas for a long time now so when i was given the chance to Review one i was really happy..

 Check Them out on Facebook and Twitter


My Review 

I want to mainly say a big thank you to Conrad for the great service and time spent getting everything right.I Have many pictures of the dogs but none of them are able to go bigger than a certain size,But Conrad suggested that i send over a selection of photos and they would do a montage which i was very excited about. so i sent them over and i was told that i would be getting a 24" square picture i left them to choose the size that would work best with the pics i had sent they are the experts after all and i know nothing when i comes to picture sizes etc lol.

This was on Monday Oh and i must point out that im sure we were sorting this out after normal shop hours so i was very grateful that the time and effort was taken with me, My Canvas was due to be printed on Tuesday and then this morning at around 10;45am a knock on the door it was the delivery man with my Canvas .

very well wrapped with cardboard

OK so i started to open it was very excited then i thought i better take the pics first lol

Bubble wrapped too

The back frame
38mm deep frames made with solid pine from renewable European wood sources are used. Includes corner wedges. Which you can see on the next picture

Comes with free fixing brackets too so all ready to hang

Ok Ok now ill show you the front lol

And here it is Im really impressed with the quality and how the pictures were set out the one in the center is actually one of my favorite pictures of Belinda and to finally be able to hang 1 whole picture on the wall with lots of little pictures of Belinda and  Bolt on has made my day even better that it is on Canvas..

Top Customer service, Fast service and Top Quality  

Thank you to the whole team at Canvas Dezigns

Is Boursin Included Your New Years Resolution

So who has decided they want to go on a diet or just eat more healthy in general after the over-indulgence of the Christmas Period?

Myself personally i want to try and eat a better diet but still enjoy the best foods around and i have just the thing....

Yes Boursin is back on my blog if you did not see my Review then please take a look Here 

I just want to tell you all about the Boursin Light Garlic and Herb that is so delicious you cant even tell its Light

Containing 78% less fat than Boursin original garlic & herbs, Boursin Light offers the same delicious taste and creamy, crumbly texture without the added calories, so you can indulge in your favourite soft cheese guilt-free; perfect enjoyed spread over crackers, warm bread, or stirred into pasta and served with fresh salad leaves for a light lunch.

Boursin Light, is available at Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado priced at £1.90 (125g)

Calorie Information: 139 per 100g serving
Typical values per 100g
Energy value 580 kJ / 139 kcal
Protein 12g
Carbohydrate 2.5g
Fat 9g

I love this on Fresh still warm bread even typing this is making me hungry but i would recommend this for its great taste and even though its light its not missing any of the flavour  to be honest when i first tasted it i kept looking at the packet thinking are you serious how can this be light but believe me its true

McCain Smiles launches FREE Crayola goodies giveaway

·         McCain is Britain’s favourite chip maker and takes pride in the quality of all its products. McCain is a family business that works closely with 300 British farmers, some of whom it has worked in partnership with for three generations. The company aims to make good, simple food and at its heart are its people, the community and the environment.  For the full range of McCain products with nutritional information please go to

DGJ range Review

The DGJ Range has and always will be based on Designer Salon Professional Status – so much so that the major Hairdressing bodies are showing interest in the products and in particular Medichem's exciting up and coming new product development. 

Giveaway with Silverinesses

Hello everyone well this is my first giveaway of 2013 :-)

Have you had a look over on Silverinesses Facebook page if not take a look

They have some amazing Jewelry

Like this

And this


Jacobs Creek Sparkling

Australian wine expert, Jacob’s Creek, is on hand to help with the launch of three new sparkling wine ranges, each perfect for a different occasion. So whether you are relaxing with the girls, or hosting a party this Christmas, Jacob’s Creek has the right wines to help you inject a little sparkle into the occasion.

Happy New Year

Happy 2013 Everyone

Wishing everyone a great new year hope its a good one,Have you all made your new years resolutions...i have none this year apart from continuing to work hard and have fun,

Look forward to working with you all in the coming year on the blog and hopefully i will be able to bring you lots more interesting posts and competitions..