Grey Poupon

Introducing Mister Maurice Grey and Monsieur Auguste Poupon. 


 They met in Dijon, France in 1777 and formed one of the most significant gastronomic partnerships – combining their talents to create what has now become a classic condiment, Dijon mustard.
Mr Grey dreamt up the unique recipe and the technical knowhow and M. Poupon came up with the cash. 

The countryside around Dijon provided the inspiration.  Et voila! Grey Poupon was born. 
Grey Poupon has maintained its quality for more than 200 years.  Grey Poupon is the only Dijon mustard to use white wine in its recipe, resulting in a rich, true authentic Dijon mustard flavour and none of the bitterness of other mustards that use vinegar in their recipe.  

Discerning British food lovers appreciate the versatility of Grey Poupon and its ability to bring flavour and panache to casseroles, gravies, sauces as well as a much loved condiment.
Grey Poupon is still made to this day in Dijon, by the same method, to the same recipe - with a pronounced flavour of wine and none of the bitterness of other mustard - it's a success story that’s set to grow.  

Grey Poupon Mustard has a distinct flavour. It is the perfect accompaniment to the best cuts of meat or the most elegant meals.

  • With a premium cut of meat
  • As part of a salad dressing
  • In a sandwich
  • or use it as part of a greater recipe!

    The Grey Poupon Range includes:

  • Dijon – Traditional Dijon mustard
  • Wholegrain – A textured whole seed variety

  • Grey Poupon Mustard (Dijon and Wholegrain) is available from Tesco, Waitrose and Asda stores and select independent food stores nationwide.


    when I opened the jar - it smelt really nice and rich!  The jar looks very Nice it look like it's not your standard cheap mustard - it makes it look special.
    I first used the dijon mustard to put on my bread for a ham sandwich. It was really easy to use.  The consistency of it is just right - not too thick and not too thin. The flavor was strong, but not over the top it tasted very good.It is easy to store once opened - just pop it in the fridge.

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