Inspiration for your kid’s nativity costumes

When it comes to nativity plays, you never feel more proud as a parent than watching your child walk up on stage and recite their lines. However, it falls on us mums to make sure they practise and of course make the costumes. Far too many times we open the airing cupboard door searching for an old bed sheet to cut and sew into a cloak or robe.

Although making your own costume is a great way of keeping a careful eye on the pennies, it is time consuming and ideas can often run dry. For working mums, making your children’s nativity costumes, no matter how much you want to do it, sometimes just isn’t possible. We’ve all read or watched I Don’t Know How She Does It, right? If Sarah Jessica Parker can’t bake a cake for her daughter’s schools’ fate, then how will she find the time to make a costume or two? Buying costumes can sometimes be the only answer. However, if you want to put your mark on it you can always adjust and make alterations.
We’ve found that you can source a lot of inspiration from fancy dress websites. From animal costumes to king outfits, there are a lot of ideas that you can take from searching the web.

King costume
Taking a look at this striking King costume they have added a faux fur trim to the cape and lined the hood with the same fabric. Instead of adorning the outfit with faux fur, why not add fake jewels to the hem of the cloak to give it a more luxurious feel? Taking a look in your local haberdashery you’re sure to find lots of affordable materials and adornments that you can use. 

Angel costume
For your little girl who is dressing up as an angel for her school’s nativity play, you can make her halo at home. With some wire, an old headband and some tinsel you can create a sparkling halo that your daughter would be proud to wear. Alternatively, you could make a star headpiece out of some old cardboard and gold spray paint.

Other ideas:

·         Twinkle Star costume: attach stars to tassels and sew them to the hem of a t-shirt or night dress. You can have fun playing around with different colour stars

·         Mary costume: secure a tea-towel to your child’s head with a stretchy headband to create an authentic looking headdress

·         A couple of tips you may want to use: a dressing gown can be used as an alternative to tunics and striped pyjamas can work for shepherd or Joseph costumes
Just having a look at the costumes that websites have to offer can provide you with all the inspiration you need to make your kid’s nativity costume special. Above are just a couple of ideas that you could use. If this is your kid’s first nativity, taking a look at existing costumes can also give you an idea of the sewing requirements needed to create such a costume.

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