Foxs Festive Delights

Well you know as its Christmas soon i had to show you some yummy treats that would be perfect for your Christmas spreads.


- Fox’s new festive delights for Christmas 2012 - 

First let me tell you a little bit about Foxs.

From humble beginnings as a small Victorian bakery in northern England over 150 years ago, Fox’s Biscuits has grown to become one of the UK’s leading biscuit brands. Known for its unique blend of quality and quirkiness, Fox’s offers 20 ranges of great tasting biscuit products across all sub-categories of the biscuit market, including Everyday Treats, Grown Up Indulgence and Kids. Leading Fox’s products include the much-loved Crunch Creams, luxurious Melts and iconic Party Rings. Fox’s is also the proud owner of the chocolate biscuit bar, Rocky. To learn more about Fox’s Biscuits please visit Their Website

Now lets see the wonderful range They have on offer for you,

Fabulously Fox’s:

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Fabulously Fox’s in the house.

Delighting millions of families year after year, Fabulously Fox’s has something from the Fox’s stable for everybody and this year is no exception. Whether it’s the indulgent Viennese, Ambers Original, Fox’s Orange Sundae, Chunkie Cookies, Fox’s Chocolate Ring or Cream biscuits, every one of these shiny red tins contains a veritable feast of festive Fox’s fabulousness.

Fabulously Fox’s is available in all major retailers for an RRP of £12.00.

 Fox’s Wonders

If there’s one time of the year where you can revel in guilt-free indulgence, it’s Christmas. And for those who seek out only the most decadent, the most sophisticated and the most luxurious feastivities, look no further than Fox’s Wonders.

Each tin of wondrous Wonders contains a selection of Fox’s finest milk, dark and white chocolate biscuits.

Available in all major retailers at an RRP of £10.00, Fox’s Wonders are undeniably the finest class of naughtiness you can enjoy this winter.

Fox’s Mini Party Rings Stocking Filler

It’s probably one of the most exciting moments ever for a kid: waking up on Christmas day, jumping out of bed and sprinting down the stairs to see all of the amazing goodies Santa has placed under the Christmas tree overnight.

Fox’s makes Christmas that little bit more special for kids everywhere with the Fox’s Mini Party Rings Stocking Filler. Why settle for just Satsumas and chocolate money when you can tuck into deliciously sweet Mini Party Rings as you tear the wrapping from your newest toys? In fact, they are are so tasty you’ll need to make sure that mum and dad don’t get their hands on them first!

If that wasn’t enough Fox’s has now launched the brand new Mini Choc Rings. With a delicious chocolatey base and topped with sweet chocolate flavoured icing these mini biscuits are perfect for children and adults alike!

The Fox’s mini party range will be available in all major retailers at an RRP of £1.59.

Rocky Stocking Fillers

Rocky’s most iconic biscuit range just got that little bit mightier with two new limited edition products to mark the festive occasion: Big Daddy and Rocky Rocks Chocolate. Stockings will be stretched in every direction to accommodate these mighty packages!

Big Daddy

If there's ever a time of year when you need to go all out then it’s Christmas.

Introducing the Big Daddy: 27 bars of individually wrapped rugged Rocky Chocolate and Rocky Caramel crunchy biscuits coated with smooth milk chocolate packed end to end making the daddy of all festive treats.

Available at Tesco this winter at an RRP of £7.00, the Big Daddy is a mighty pack of Christmas fun and a chocoholic’s dream!

Rocky Rocks Chocolate

You’ve seen the pyramids in Egypt and now, Rocky has added another wonder to the world with Rocky Rocks Chocolate – small yet mighty mouthfuls of rugged biscuit covered in chunky chocolate.

A bite size take on the original Rocky biscuit, Rocky Rocks Chocolate is the perfect gift for those with a taste for adventure and ready to fill their face with all the enjoyment they can get this Christmas.

Each pyramid pack is designed for the chocolate lover inside and adds a tasty new dimension to this year's festivities.

Available from all leading retailers for an RRP of £2.50, let Rocky Rocks Chocolate be the peak of your Christmas day.

Fox’s Favourites

Fox’s Favourites, the number one choice for families, does exactly what it says on the box. This big box of biscuits offers great choice, delicious taste and makes for a festive, family orientated Christmas.

Offering not only a great selection of biscuits, Fox’s is giving shoppers the chance to win £250 this Christmas if their Favourites contains one of the Fox’s Golden Tickets.

Stashed full of the nation’s favourites, this pack includes some of the much loved biscuit varieties from Party Rings, Crunch Creams and Choc Digestives, and is sure to keep the peace in the family home.

This great value pack is available at all leading retailers for a fantastic RRP of £6.00 and with an on-pack promotion, it’s just the ticket this Christmas.

Vinnie’s Biscuits

Vinnie’s pulled out all the stops this Christmas to really sweeten up your festive holiday with the perfect treats to please: Vinnie’s Biscuit Collection and Vinnie’s Bursting Barrel of Biscuits.

Vinnie’s Biscuit Collection

Vinnie knows how important family is and likes nothing better than bringing everyone together at Christmas. That’s why he’s stamped his seal of approval on this new, limited edition biscuit collection, just the thing for entertaining at home, or as a delicious gift, all packed in a celebratory tin.

Inspired by Vinnie’s traditional family values, this classic assortment of Fox’s biscuits will appeal to the masses at Christmas with a variety of plain and cream treats.

Vinnie’s Biscuit Collection is available from all leading retailers this Christmas, a steal at only RRP of £8.00.

Vinnie’s Bursting Barrel of Biscuits

Roll out the barrel this Christmas with Vinnie’s new biscuit tin featuring a great selection of Fox’s most popular packs of biscuits including Golden Crunch Creams, Ginger Crunch Creams, Nice Creams, Malted Milk Creams and Munch Choccy Bits.

Offering exceptionally good value and choice, Vinnie’s Bursting Barrel Of Biscuits provides something for everyone around the Christmas tree.

Vinnie’s Barrel Tin will be available in most major retailers for an RRP of £8.00.

My Review

I was lucky enough to be sent some of these tasty treats to try for my self.
We dont eat that many biscuits that often in this house its more of a treat to have some and these,Well they really were a treat,Tasty,Luxury Delights.So thank you to Laura for sending these to me.

I can be quite fussy i never used to be i used to think all biscuits were the same  nothing special, but i did use to enjoy fox's 

I got to try these Rocky Rocks and i really enjoyed them trying to save some for Christmas but i don't think that will happen lol. I love the fact that the chocolate is just enough and the biscuit is really crunchy and yummy.


Fox's wonders milk, dark and white chocolate biscuits.
My favorite a lovely selections and i love the Jaffa one with shortbread they really are mouth watering..

Last but not least

Vinnie's limited edition a really tasty collection of biscuits lovely treat to share around unless your me and wants to keep them all to yourself lol.

Foxs have done a lovely job with a great enjoyable range, i love the tins they are colorful and nice to keep afterwards.

Im sure Vinnie would say head on down to your supermarket to stock up for Christmas and be the envy of all your guests i know i will be  

Merry Christmas to all my followers,Looking forward to 2013 a bigger and better year

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