Coole Swan

Coole Swan Superior Dairy Cream and Liqueur is the only Irish Cream Liqueur that includes Single Malt Irish Whiskey and real chocolate.  It is the most delicious tasting, luxuriously textured liqueur – crafted from the finest quality, natural ingredients such as bittersweet cocoa from the Cote d’Ivoire to Madagascan vanilla and Irish cream, to give you the ultimate melt in the mouth experience.
RRP £20  available from: Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges Food Hall (all),

It is an off white colour,   real chocolate and cocoa, not flavors. The aromas is just what you read and just what you'll taste: whiskey, vanilla, chocolate, and a creamy milkiness. When you sip, you find out that they weren't kidding about the whiskey. It has not been cleverly hidden; they're proud of what they're putting in here and the whiskey is bright and vibrant in the cream. But the cream's there too: it's rich, and chocolatey, and coats the mouth without being disgusting.
I really enjoyed this and was very surprised as i don't really like liqueur drinks but i must say i liked this I had a miniature bottle but that has made me want to go and buy some more it tastes nice chilled and would be lovely over some ice i didn't really have a chance as i was drinking it straight away lol.Its 16%  really creamy and the whiskey is definitely there lol

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