We just can’t get enough of superfoods, so it comes as no surprise that as soon as we got a whisper of a new one hitting the shelves we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it!
Chia, a tiny seed found in flowers descended from the mint family in Mexico and Central America, has stormed onto the UK market as the most super of superfoods, thanks to innovative Irish producers Chia Bia who are launching a range of Chia products including Whole Chia Seed and a range of Chia Nutrient Bars.
Chia is not only high in protein, Fibre and Antioxidants but is also the highest plant source of OMEGA 3 on the planet. Known as the “Running Food”, Chia’s most common use (as a high-energy endurance food) has been recorded as far back as the ancient Aztecs. Previously it was used to treat wounds, colds and sore throats, upset stomachs, body odours, prostate problems, and constipation. Despite being used so many years ago it isn’t until recently that we have seen a renaissance of Chia due to its health benefits.

Chia Bia was founded in 2009 after co-founder Barrie Rogers stumbled across Chia when visiting America. He had suffered a back injury and had been told he was unable to fly home when a friend suggested he try Chia seeds for their anti-inflammatory properties. Willing to give anything a go, he stocked up on Chia and within a couple of days, the pain in his back had disappeared and he was able to go home, sitting comfortably on his flight.

New ranges and increased sales of superfoods is continuing throughout the UK as health conscious shoppers look to find foods with the best nutritious value on supermarket shelves.  

The new range is available from Selfridges and Holland & Barrett stores from £3.79 for a bag of Chia Seed and £1.29 per nutrient bar.  

£9.99 for all large bags of Chia Seeds
£3.79 for both 100g bags of Chia Seed
£2.99 for Organic Soda Bread Mix
£1.29 for the organic nutrient bars

 I have been very lucky in that i have been sent some samples of the whole and milled seeds so first i wanted you to all read about it and i will be keeping you updated in how i feel while using so you can see how it works so wish me luck and hopefully i will have a lot more energy etc. ive read all the benifits so what could be better than adding some to whatever i choose i think first i will add some to the bread im going to bake tomorrow and have some in cereal..

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