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Wild West Foods (UK) Ltd

The company was formed in early 2001 in order to supply you with Beef Jerky. We now have a fully automated packaging line along with hand packing facilities with full EU approval. We have facilities in Scotland and England and now supply all of the UK's major supermarket chains as well as chains in several European countries.
Our company aims to offer consumers a mouth-watering alternative to the usual snack foods. Wild West Foods headquarters is located on the beautiful Isle of Lewis. A region known for its wilderness, beauty and meat/fish curing. Richard Davies, the business founder has lived here since leaving university. He loves jerky, is a keen fly fisherman and rugby player and has years of experience running a salmon smoking business here on the island.
Quality of life is one of the area's strongest attributes - there can surely be no finer place to run a business from.


We use some of the World's Finest ...

South America / Uruguay

GauchosUruguay Natural MeatGauchos

Herd Health Information

Uruguay has examined cattle for BSE as far back as 1972. Result: BSE has not been found! It is highly unlikely that BSE will ever be found in Uruguay. In January 2001, the EC published the following report on the Internet concerning this matter: "Report on the Assessment of the Geographical BSE Risk in Uruguay" ((c) European Communities, 1995-2000).

Cattle Information

Uruguay has world-wide one of the most favourable conditions for raising cattle. The highest percentage of crop and pasture land. 83% of the country is dedicated to natural production. The highest availability of fertile land per capita. Uruguay has over 40,000 m2 of productive soil per inhabitant. Over 11 million cattle and only 3 million people are currently living in Uruguay. Half of the people live in the capital city, Montevideo.
The cattle in Uruguay eat exclusively natural grass and herbs.
graze all year long - 24 hours a day - on the large, natural, fertile pastures. They live free together with sheep, horses, ostriches and other animals.
The "Gaucho" is a hard working man, who takes care of the grazing cattle. He is the equivalent of the American Cowboy and spends most of his time on horseback, which allows him to control thousands of cattle.
The horns of the cattle have been bred out, thus keeping them from injuring one another and maintaining the high quality of the beef. Uruguay is known world-wide for its excellent beef quality.

production team

Guarantee of Origin Information

Uruguayan meat can be traced back to its point of origin. Uruguay began this practice as early as the 1800´s with the trace ability plan: "Country Waybills for Cattle and By-Products". Each rancher in Uruguay is registered by the Ministry of Cattle, Agriculture and Fish (M.G.A.P.). Detailed reports are filed and controlled, starting with the birth of a cow all the way through to the leather manufacturer. (National Office of Livestock, By-Products, Brand and Marks Control, June 1973).
jerky ready for curing
Our Wild West Beef Jerky is made exclusively in South America. We have earned full approval for export of quality beef products to North-America (USDA), Japan and the European Community (EC). The sites undergoe extensive in-house quality controls. Our beef Jerky is packaged exclusively in our EC approved plants (UK WA 039 EC) and (UK MK026 EC).

Our Jerky is Made With 100% Lean Beef


Now a-days Beef Jerky is becoming very popular as people realise the benefits of healthier eating and jerky's wholesome delicious tastes.


It takes 200g of beef to make 100g of jerky. With only around 3% fat, up to a whopping 50% protein and only 64 calories per serving, (25g) jerky is one of the healthiest snack foods on the market, perfect for the active outdoors person and weight watcher alike. What's more, jerky does not crush or melt like crisps or chocolate can under tough conditions while out and about.


All visible fat is trimmed off the beef before making jerky. It is then marinated, cured and smoked.


When you buy our jerky remember that it takes 200g of lean beef to make 100g of end product with these fantastic nutritional qualities, so you can see where the money goes.

My Review

Thank you to Richard from Wild West Jerky (owner)for sending me a selection over to try for my review.
Now i love anything meat and jerky is the perfect snack food
I love the packaging it stands out from the crowd.
the smell once opened is mouthwatering the texture is just right and the flavor is great the Honey BBQ is really nice its not too sweet i think the flavor proportion is goodthe only thing i honestly did not like was putting my hand in the packet to find that i had eaten the lot cant be helped lol

Extreme Heat Habanero...is hot hot hot lol passed on to hubby who loves hot food was advised by Richard it was not really that hot but that it just brings most of us out in a bit of a sweat lol well yep it was lovely but after the first (smallest bit i could find) i passed it to hubby and he really loved it but he is really harcore when it comes to hot stuff i was just standing there asking him is it too hot yet and he just said no hmmm think they need to make it even hotter for him lol but it was good enough for me as it was.

Peppered was my favorite of the Jerky as i loved the flavour and it was perfectly suited to my tastes
I also had a very nice surprise in the package a lovely pack of Biltong i have not had biltong for a few years as the company i used to buy from closed :-( and im not very trusting when it comes to products like that but i decided to try this one and i am hooked i now know where to buy it i did spend about 30mins sniffing the package lol i cant really describe the smell a meaty with a slight hint of vinegar needless to say hubby didnt stand a chance and i have spent the last few hours telling him thats all i want for christmas :-).

And to add to it there was also a packet of pork crackling very tasy nice and crunchy.

I love these products and will be buying from here as soon as possible if you also would like to buy some or maybe take a closer look head on over to the website Here
 Facebook   belive me this is the best snacking food around and its full of flavour and goodness :-)

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