Whites Electronic Cigarette

So who has a problem with quitting smoking?
 is it costing you a lot of money but you cant stop?
Do you wish you didnt smell like smoke all the time?
Patches and gum not working?

Here is the solution 

Whites Electronic Cigarettes

Whites Ecig Electronic Cigarette electric cigarette 

Why Whites Electronic Cigarettes?

Whites Electronic Cigarette products offer quality and reliability. They are confident that They have the longest battery life and best quality cartomizers that the e-cigarette market has to offer.


A Healthier Alternative

Be bright and switch to Whites! You could feel healthier, more active and more energetic.
It removes the major health issues associated with smoking traditional cigarettes. No tobacco is burnt therefore none of the 4000 harmful, poisonous and toxic chemicals connected with traditional cigarettes are inhaled. We are providing you with a safer, cleaner and improved vaping experience leading the way to clearer, healthier lungs and a more energetic lifestyle.

The Advantages of Whites Electronic Cigarettes

We have the best electronic cigarettes on the market. We have sourced the very best products and only offer the best.
Whites Electronic Cigarettes have many advantages over tobacco cigarettes.
E cigarette Starter Kit Whites E cigarette cheap bestNO TAR OR ASH – No tobacco is burnt while using Whites Electronic Cigarettes avoiding tar build up in your lungs and the need to have an ashtray handy.
NO SMELL – The water vapour produced from Whites produces no lasting odour.
NO STAINING – Whites does not stain your teeth, fingers or clothes so you can always look and feel great.
NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS – The multitude of chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes are not present in Whites, offering a cleaner nicotine delivery system. Whites are a healthier smoking alternative that still gives you an authentic smoking experience.
YOU CAN SMOKE ANYWHERE – Whether you’re on a plane, in a club or at work, you can smoke Whites. You can relax in the warmth and ignore the no smoking signs as Whites are exempt from the UK smoking ban. After all, you’ll be vaping, not smoking!
SAVE MONEY – Whites gives you the opportunity to save up to 75% on traditional tobacco cigarettes whilst offering the best electronic cigarette refills at the most competitive prices. You won’t just make a huge saving over tobacco, you will also save if you switch from other electronic cigarettes.
Whites have been designed, formulated and tested to meet tough quality control standards. You can forget the negatives of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes but don’t compromise on the look or the feel of the real thing. Whites Electronic Cigarettes taste better and leave you feeling better.

My Review 

I was sent a starter kit to try and i must say its very good

The flavours are nice and not too harsh i thought i thought that they would really not be like the real thing but they are and i love that it seems so real with the smoke and with the tip lighting up when you use it.I like the way the pack is just like a normal cigarette packet and its not too big so easy to put in to a small bag on a nite out it came with:
1x blue tip battery
1x usb stick charger
2 x tobacco flavour cartomizer
1 x menthol cartomizer
(Approx 90 cigarettes)

You can buy this from their Website  for the very good price of £19:99 was £25.99 so for 90 cigarettes is that not a good price? and better for yours and people around you's health Below is the description of the starter pack

Product Description

The Whites Starter Kit is perfect for anybody who wants to start using electronic cigarettes at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality or taste. This pack offers the essentials to start using Whites Electronic Cigarettes and receive all the advantages that this e-cig has to offer.
The pack includes:
  • A single improved long life, lithium power core battery with a blue illuminating end. Your e-cigarette now lasts up to a third longer than previous models so you spend less time charging your e-cig and more time enjoying the vapour.
  • A handy and very portable USB charger. If you have a computer at hand, which is just about everywhere these days, or a wall charger you can charge your battery.
  • Three enhanced Whites high density cartomizer refills – a single traditional tobacco cartomizer refill with all the flavour notes of our favourite tobacco blend. A Golden Blend cartomizer offering a more authentic richer tasting tobacco.  A menthol cartomizer refill for a cool, minty, breath freshening nicotine fix. Each e cigarette cartomizer equates to roughly a pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • A card travel case that oozes style and quality. This rigid, gloss finish box, indented with silver crests and seals, is the exact size and shape of a traditional 20 pack of cigarettes. This electronic cigarette case serves three purposes it protects your Whites e-cigs during transport, holds your Whites e-cigarette and refills neatly in place and perfectly replaces your tobacco pack in your pocket.

 If you would like to know more Please check out Their Website Facebook and Twitter
Also to let you know they offer 30 day money back guarantee,one year warranty and also free delivery on orders over £40


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