SUNRISE PRO Electronic Cigarette Review

I was given the opportunity to test and review  the Sunrise Pro Electric Cigarette from Paramountzone

Firstly lets look a little more in detail about The Sunrise Pro Electronic Cigarette 

 Electric cigarettes have been on the market for many years now and their benefits over traditional tobacco cigarettes are widely know. This best selling Sunrise Pro E-cig model simulates the entire smoking process including smoke inhalation (it is only vapor however), and even provides the nicotine buzz. 

 The benefits of Electric Cigarettes…
  • Unlike other nicotine alternative products, electronic cigarettes taste and feel the same as real cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes do not contain tar and carbon monoxide smoke
  • Nicotine is it’s principal ingredient (tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals with associated health effects)
  • Electric cigarettes are a cheaper alternative to normal cigarettes
  • Avoid stained teeth and bad breath associated with traditional cigarettes
  • You can smoke Electric cigarettes in public areas where tobacco cigarettes are banned
  • Only vapour is produced so everyone around you will not suffer from second hand smoke effects
  • You don’t require a lighter and no cigarette buts are left over so less environmental impact

Whether you want to go for a cool cutting edge look or a more sophisticated vibe, this Sunrise Pro Electric Cigarette certainly wont let you down.

The cost of refill cartridges should always be a major point that you consider when looking for the best electronic cigarette to buy and we could not find any other model that had such a great value replacement refill pack.

It has a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £39.99 (Paramountzone's current price only £29.99!), and charges faster than previous models They have sold. The rechargeable battery power is 200mah which is double that of most other models sold in the UK. This provides a more fulfilling vapour experience, and the battery last longer between charges.

This electronic cigarette is charged up by plugging the battery part into you computers USB port with the supplied cable. The glowing red tip is activated when you inhale (realistic traditional cigarette simulation) and it even tastes like normal tobacco cigarettes (a variety of flavours are available). It is claimed that the Sunrise Pro Electric Cigarette does not have any long term cancerous effects as just about it's only ingredient is nicotine.

So simple to use...

After charging the device, you just add a nicotine cartridge to it that vaporises pure liquid nicotine which you inhale. Each electronic cigarette refill cartridge (you can also buy those Here )lasts up to the equivalent of 20 or 30 normal tobacco cigarettes. 10 atomised refill cartridges are included for free with each cigarette you buy (current special offer), and when you need more cartridges you can simply buy them from the website.

A recent cost analysis found that a person who smoked 10 tobacco cigarettes per day would be saving about £800 each year if they used electric cigarettes as an alternative smoking device.

"I can't see any reason why the Electronic Cigarette couldn't be used in Pubs. The ban only covers smoking, not the use of nicotine" - A UK Department of Health spokesperson.

Important: This item can only be bought and used by persons over 18 years old, and both the cigarette and the refills MUST be kept out of reach and sight of children at all times. All Sunrise Pro refill packs come in a child proof / tamper proof bottle. Product manual must be read before use and followed at all times.

 Also i would like you to take a look at a video of the Sunrise Pro Here which will explain all about Sunrise Pro with a great Tutorial on it.

 My Review

Now I'm one of these people that is desperate to give up smoking and find it too hard even for one day i have tried everything,gum, patches all to no avail i want to have more money to spend on other things and i dont like to think that i go around smelling like smoke.
 So when i was given the chance to test out Sunrise Pro Electronic Cigarette  From Paramountzone
I was really happy to give it a go,

I received

The Pro kit which contains
1 x Lithium battery
1 x Atomizer
1 x USB charger
And one bottle of 10 refills

I love the fact that the box is the same size and shape as a normal cigarette box meaning it does not take up any extra room and its not heavy either.

The Cartridge Refill bottle is also not too big and i love the child proofed top just like a tablet bottle,

Also upon opening the bottle you will find it has also been sealed which i think is very good,

Inside you will find 10 individually sealed cartridges again very well thought out,

The Electronic Cigarette is very simple and easy to put together by simply screwing the battery and the atomizer together then screw in your cartridge.
Looks really nice now i received a black one but They are also sold in platinum,they look very nice unlike some of the ones you see around that look very tacky and cheap these look expensive and have been designed very well. 
It took me a few puffs to get used to it as its a bit different to the real thing but much better also its a little bit heavier when holding it but you forget that very quickly. So far i think it is very good i have not touched my normal cigarettes and i feel quite happy knowing that this is not harmful to me or other people around me they are very realistic in that the end lights up as you inhale and the smoke when you exhale is just like you are smoking the real thing.
The other added bonus is that you can smoke these in public places as there is no harm to anyone.
Already after a short while of using this i can already tell the difference.I am also able to smoke these indoor and hubby does not mind because they do not leave nasty smells (Hubby did stand around trying to find something bad about it but couldn't ) so it has the thumbs up from both of us i know that these are much cheaper and will be continuing to use them instead i have instructed everyone there is no smoking around me unless you have the electronic Sunrise Pro and also my cigarettes will now be heading to the bin and i vow not to buy any more.

I would recommend this to anyone and it is the best i have seen to date.

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