Say It With Brownies Review

Well what a lovely day i have had munching on some lovely amazing brownies now i thought i should get on with the review while hubby hides the rest from me (you know he is secretly eating them lol)

So Anita from Say it with brownies sent me a lovely box of chunky chocolate orange brownies
from the isle of white the company was founded in 2011 when she gave up her office job and moved to the island to turn her dream in to a reality and great job she has done, these freshly baked for me on sunday and i must say as soon as the postman brought it this morning i was so excited lunch went out of the window i could already smell the orange through the packing
after unwrapping this is what i saw

 i love the box and the fact it says say it with love and the ribbon around it thats a thoughtful touch
opening the box the brownies were very well and nicely wrapped up
 Here are the brownies and i must say they smell amazing and divided in to the perfect size there is a dozen in each box
 So i had to take a bite as the smell was making my stomach grumble and just look at those chunks

they tasted perfect gooey not too under or over powering the texture is perfect and you know they are home made just from the taste you know they have been made with love care and attention i will give these the thumbs up and will deffinatly be going to buy from here very soon just like pringles once you pop you cant stop well once you take one bite you will be begging for more

Here is a peice off of the website about Anita

At Say It With Brownies, we offer gift boxes of our chocolate brownies for sale online exclusively through this website.  They are posted to anywhere in the UK.
Only the finest ingredients are used when making our delicious chocolate brownies to ensure the highest quality, including local free range eggs.
All of our brownies are handmade by Anita and we always bake to order.
Anita loves to be creative in the kitchen so we have a variety of flavours for you to choose from, have a look through the customer reviews shown on each flavour to help you decide.
We know that the presentation of your gift is just important as the taste of the chocolate brownies, so we take care to beautifully wrap and package your brownies with a personalised handwritten message.
Customise your brownie gift packaging to suit the occasion, say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Thank You, Good Luck, Thinking of You or simply With Love – we have seventeen different occasion messages for you to choose from.
Each gift box contains twelve brownies, the weight is approximately 600g (usually around 725g including packaging).
Anita loves happy customers.  Making people happy is at the heart of everything we do so we want to hear your feedback & product reviews when you buy brownies online, please get in touch.
We also provide brownie platters for weddings or parties, contact us and we’d love to discuss it further with you.

Also the flavors available are

White Chocolate Chip Brownies

White Chocolate Chip Brownies

Cookies & Cream Brownies

Chunky Fudge Brownies

Chunky Chocolate Orange Brownies

Chocolate Brownies

All boxes are £18.99 per dozen except the plain chocolate brownies which are £16.99  all free delivery in the uk and all baked to order so take it from me it is well worth the money i will not be buying from supermarkets again these have me hooked ive now got to work through all the other flavours :-)

So everyone if you would love to try these to get over to the Website and buy some also you can chat to Anita via Facebook or Twitter 

I promise you you wont be disappointed i just want to take this opertunity to say thank you to Anita for giving me the privilege of tasting these wonderful brownies i am really enjoying them and will be going to eat some more now (if they have not disappeared lol )  




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  1. Those look so awesome and yummy! Thanks for reviewing & sharing.. I may need to buy a box soon for myself! ♥ Shawna