Rocket Fuel Energy Double Shot Coffee Review

Well hello everyone i wanted to tell you about my latest review Woooo for this coffee lol

Rocket Fuel Energy Coffee

Unlike any other coffee Rocket Fuel’s special formula means the power hits fast and lasts. High-octane dark roasted instant coffee that uniquely gives a stimulating double hit of natural energy. First a velvet rush like no other of caffeine rich smoothness, then a sustained hit of all-natural Guarana.

I was very lucky to be sent a jar to review i just could not wait to try it

I love the Jar and the Rocket Fuel writing really stands out

Unlock the power hmmm sounds interesting :-)

Love the big granules and the smell is nice sorry you will have to just imagine shame we cant do scratch and sniff on the computer lol.
 So it says on the directions add one or two teaspoons (if you want a more intense rush) Well hubby said he was going to have two spoons so i will do the same (anything he can do i can right?? lol) Then add sugar and milk if you like well i opted for sugar and coffee mate dont do milk in coffee Hubby opted for honey

And here we have it all in the cup before the water (what is taking the kettle so long to boil)

Finally a nice hot cup of Normal coffee or so i thought.
It has a nice smooth taste and unlike other coffees it does not make your mouth feeling nasty and like you have to go and brush your teeth.It has a distinctive flavour that really i can not begin to tell you but it is amazing and well ive never drunk a cup of coffee so fast.
Then it Hit me wow ok i feel as though i have just drank a strong energy drink and suddenly feel as though i can run a marathon (Not that im going to try lol).
I am really amazed it does what it says on the jar..

Why Guarana?
For centuries Guarana’s verging-on-supernatural effects have energised the Amazonian tribes to hunt 24/7 in the deepest and darkest of jungles. Rocket Fuel captures that Guarana effect to give you that much needed instant kick-start to the day and the staying power to keep you going – jungle or not!


The verdict is in; Rocket Fuel truly is one of a kind. RF combines high-octane dark roasted coffee with the legendary effects of Amazonian guarana. The result of this ingenious combination is a natural but powerful double whammy of caffeinated fuel.
To keep you turbo-charged wherever and whenever

A King amongst the coffees, Rocket Fuel combines high-octane dark roasted coffee with the guarana, a plant used by the natives of the immense Amazonian jungle to help them hunt 24/7. RF provides you with a double kick-start to help you power through your own daily jungle. As if that isn’t already enough to knock your socks off, Rocket Fuel is also conveniently available in Self-Heating Hot Cup form!

I really am enjoying this coffee i love the fact that it is an energy coffee much better than plain coffee when i go to peoples houses (not that i do lol) i would have to say to them have you got any rocket fuel lol

If you would like to find out more please head on over to the Website   and

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