Riso Gallo Review and giveaway

Last week i was kindly offered a chance to review a couple of products from the Risso Gallo range

First i tried the Risotti pronti
Healthyand Natural: prepared without the use of any artificial colorings for preservatives. Easy to prepare: just add water and you will get a traditional creamy and velvety risotto. Made in Italy: with authentic Italian Risotto Rice.

Now i have eaten risotto before but  only on holiday so it was interesting to see how it would taste now im not all that keen on asparagus but hubby loves it so i gave it a go it takes only 12 mins to cook so quick and easy and it was tasty too hubby loved it although myself i still couldn't see past the asparagus lol it was creamy and very nice 

the other product i was sent 

Gran Gallo (Arborio Risotto Rice)
GRAN GALLO is a tribute to our tradition. Last century the company used animal symbols to identify the different rice varieties: giraffe, tiger, eagle, elephant and cockerel. The Cockerel ("Gallo" in Italian) was used to represent the very best-quality rice and this is why it has, over time, become the very symbol of the company. Gran Gallo is the most well-known and popular Italian Risotto Rice with long and large grains. It has a plump stubby grain and a high starch content giving it a perfect balance of creaminess and bite, which makes it ideal for a traditional risotto. 

We are yet to try this but im sure it will be tasty too 

They have a lovely range of products

White Rice
Riso Gallo specially select and fully mill superior varieties of Italian Risotto Rices - Carnaroli, Vialone Nano and Arborio

Risotto Expresso
Four different flavoured risottos ready in just two minutes in the pan to taste the unique creamy risotto consistency. Also microwavable (3 min).

Riso Expresso
The easy and versatile Rice for all recipes which cooks in only 2 minutes in a pan or 3 minutes in microwave.


Risotti pronti
A unique range of naturally produced risottos, flavoursome risottos in only 12 minutes, by just adding water. 

Pasta 3Cereali
A delicious gluten-free pasta, made from rice, maize and buckwheat flour . Perfect 'al dente' consistency, light, a more digestible alternative to wheat pasta.

A little about the history of the company 
Riso Gallo is one of the oldest rice-growing companies in Italy.
The first factory, founded in Genoa in 1856, processed imported paddy rice and exported it to South America.
Its success and increasing experience in the field soon encouraged the Company to turn the attention to the Italian crops and thus the Genoa factory was moved to Novara first, and then to Robbio Lomellina, in the heart of the Italian rice-growing region.
At the same time, another factory was opened in Argentina, to meet the requirements of the South American market, and Argentina is precisely where the name Riso Gallo (Arroz Gallo) was coined.
Since illiteracy was still widespread, the company decided to opt for animal symbols to identify the different rice varieties: a giraffe, a tiger, an eagle, an elephant and a cock stood out on all the packets . Soon, the cock – the animal associated with best-quality rice - became the symbol of the company itself.

I would love to see more from this company but i have enjoyed what i have tried so i will definitely be trying some more from their range

Check out The Website Their Facebook And Twitter

so who would like a competition to win so lovely goodies well your in luck The lovely team  will be offering a box of Riso Gallo goodies worth £50 for the competition

so what are you waiting for get entering same rules as always and good luck everyone 

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  1. Wow. 1856! This actually looks like a great product because risotto is lovely, but takes ages of intense work to make, or else yo ruin it.... :)

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    I also love risotto and would love to win this prize.

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    love cooking risotto , one glass of vino for me one smaller one for the risotto, love it with chorizo in.

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