Heat Holder Thermal Socks Review

I have a serious cold feet issue, i can be boiling hot but my feet still cold it drives me nuts,ive tried thick boot socks normal cotton sock (might as well have no socks on lol)

Well i was lucky enough to get sent a pair of Heat Holder socks

And from the moment i put them on i knew i was finally on to a winner the inside has a soft brushed inner which feels amazing and it helps to keep the heat in.

I have been wearing them all day today and ive not once complained or felt that my feet were cold.they feel really thick and protective.I decided to try them out while going for a walk they made my boots feel really snug. While out walking they were great no cold feet and made my time out more enjoyable normally i want to come back in soon as i have stepped out of the door due to my feet getting cold.I was sent a lovely pair of pink ones but they come in many colours.I would recommend these to anyone and i think i am going to have to buy some more,They come in Original,Long,Stripe and Slipper

 What their website says: ”Extreme cold feet can cause chilblains and frostbite but even mild cold feet can make us feel uncomfortable, miserable and reduce our productivity. Warm feet on the other hand give us a healthier sense of wellbeing allowing us to cope better with the environment. Warm feet have even been proved to aid in a good night’s sleep.”

  “Heat Holders combat the age old problem of cold feet with their unique 3 stage insulation process. A high tog rating is achieved by holding as much warm air in the fabric as possible. Due to Heat Holders specially developed construction and our intense brushing process, Heat Holders trap much more warm air close to the skin compared with a normal thermal sock. We achieve a high rating of 2.34 – that’s over seven times warmer than a typical cotton sock.
Whether pursuing outdoor activities, working within a cold climate, health issues or simply for that extra comfort throughout the cold winter months Heat Holders will help ensure NO MORE COLD FEET!”

Heat Holders are definitely worth their weight in gold and honestly they are not expensive like you would think prices start from only £6.00 excluding delivery

  • 91% Acrylic 5% Nylon 3% Polyester 1% Elastane
  • 1 Pair Pack
  • Gentle Grip Cuff
  • Normal seamed toes

Range of socks 


If you would like to know more  Please head on over to Heat Holders Website (where you can also buy)Facebook or Twitter 

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