So who of you has a teething baby and is unsure what to let them have a good old chomp on well i think these are just great


GUMIGE­M ­® is proud to present our range of award winning baby proof mummy jewellery that are designed to look amazing, but with baby in mind. Babies always love to grab and pull on jewellery, this is not great for baby or jewellery, we have changed that!
GUMIGEM ® is MORE than just a replacement stylish jewellery to fill the gap between your baby grabbing and chewing on everything in sight until they know better.

Very stylish necklaces  pendants and bangles allowing you to look good and baby to enjoy they actually look really pretty and come in plenty of different colors

No more broken necklaces from baby wanting to grab an have a chew and no danger of getting hold of small pieces of jewelery and putting them in their mouth 
  • Silicone Jewellery
  • Non Toxic
  • Washable
  • Breakaway clasp
Bangles are fantastic as teethers! You wear a stunning bangle or two. you won't ever forget it as you're wearing it! You are out having coffee with a friend and little one gets a little restless....remove your bangle, hand it to baby and badda bing.... Happy chomping baby!
++Suitable to hand to your baby from birth++ 
The Internal diameter is approximately 60mm, which is a standard bangle size. But because they are made of silicone they can be stretched to fit a larger hand too!
Available in two fantastic shapes, the traditional looking Bubba Bangle and the more contemporary Burmuda Bangle. Beautifully packaged too!
Scroll down to view the full range click on either Bubba Bangle or Bermuda Bangle

even the packaging is lovely

I think this is a very good and well thought out product both for mother and baby there is plenty more products on their website so why don't you take a look 
Also Join them on Facebook and twitter have a chat ask any questions

Also will be giving you the chance to win 1xnecklace and 1x Bangle very soon 

I had the chance to see and test a necklace and bangle and i have to say i like the quality i will definitely recommend this product to friends and family and of course anyone that is reading my blog 

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