Dentyl Active Enamel Restore

Strengthen and protect your teeth from damaging foods and drinks with New alcohol free Dentyl Active Enamel Restore. With an exhilarating icy fresh mint flavour,this alcohol free mouthwase contains Double the fluoride level of other leading mouthwash brand (within recommendations).

As a result,This meand that Dentyl Active Enamel Restore can:

Help to strengthen tooth enamel by replacing lost minerals.
Help protect the enamel against acid erosion.
Help the enamel become more resistant to acid attack.

Enamel erosion is a significant yet preventable problem in the UK.  Did you know that Tooth decay is the Third most common reason that children are admitted to hospital and this has risen by 13% over the past five years. More than half (55%) of adults in the uk also have one or more decayed teeth.

Acid,which is primarily found in soft drinks,sports drinks,juices,wine and acidic foods can cause a chemical loss of minerals to the tooth enamel causing it to erode,

Enamel erosion is the irreversible loss of tooth tissue due to exposure to acid.
Teeth are protected by a hard layer of enamel. When the layer is damaged, worn away or when gums recede, the dentine underneath the enamel is exposed. Dentine contains tiny pores called tubules, which lead to the nerve deep inside the tooth. As a result cold, heat and food or drink with a high sugar concentration, often stimulate the nerve causing pain.
Eating too much sugar can cause tooth decay. But even if you have healthy eating habits, exercise regularly and brush frequently, you can still be at risk of dental erosion.

New Research has also just come out from the Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel. The research commissioned by the Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel found a link between poor dental care and heart disease. It reveals that:
·         One in 20 mucky men go without brushing their teeth for up to FOUR days. Men blame partying and pressure at work for not brushing their gnashers every day.
·         The study of 2,000 people found women were much more likely than men to regularly brush their teeth, with just one in 100 women failing to clean their teeth for up to four days.
·         Nearly three in four (73 per cent) of those quizzed said they changed their toothbrush only every six months or more.
·         Less than half realise that gum disease can be linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, poor pregnancy outcomes and stroke.

Thanks to the clever Dentyl Active Experts,Dentyl Active Enamel Restore's unique alcohol free formula means that children can use it to help protect their teeth from enamel decay from as young as 7 years of age,unlike normal mouthwashes containing alcohol that can only be used from the age of 12.

Working Action

Dentyl Active Enamel Restore Icy Fresh Mint also has the ability to lift and absorb 99.9% of oral bacteria plus debris, such as food particles, bacteria and plaque from the mouth. Like the rest of the Dentyl Active range, it is an innovative mouthwash formula with a distinctive working action. The advanced alcohol free formula consists of two stages, a water-based phase incorporating a special antibacterial agent (Cetylpyridinium Chloride - CPC), and an oil-based solution with natural essential oils, that has to be shaken well before use.

This shaking action combines the two mouthwash phases and creates a dynamic solution which is much more powerful than the two individual parts. The bacteria and debris adhere to the mouthwash solution and when it is rinsed out you can see the bacteria, food debris and other deposits on the teeth removed and highlighted as small, brightly coloured masses in the sink, proving that Dentyl Active really works.  And thanks to the special antibacterial ingredient (CPC) in Dentyl Active, it also helps stop bacteria from working 

Dentyl Active Enamel Restore Icy Fresh Mint
To get the best results use Dental Active Enamel Restore twice daily at the end of a cleaning routine.

Dentyl Active Enamel Restore Icy Fresh Mint:
  • Is Alcohol-free
  • Contains double the fluoride of several other leading mouthwash brands
  • Helps fight plaque bacteria
  • Helps maintain healthy gums
  • Tastes great and does not sting
  • Provides long lasting fresh breath
  • Lifts and absorbs 99.9% oral bacteria and debris in the mouth 

Alcohol-free is kind to gums
Some mouthwashes contain alcohol as it is claimed to help in the cleansing action.
However,the unique two-phase action of Dentyl Active means that it is highly effective without needing alchol as an ingredient.

Some people find mouthwashes with alcohol too strong and drying.Dentyl Active provides a very effective alternative that is mild and will not sting, so it can be used as part of an everyday oral health routine.

My Review

I was sent a bottle to review i was a bit unsure at first due to not liking most mouthwashes as they tend to make my mouth feel worse, dry and do not leave me feeling as if my mouth is fresh so i end up having to brush my teeth again.
I shook the bottle to mix the colors together and used as directed on the bottle.
My after thought is that it made my mouth feel fresh and clean my mouth was not feeling dry and dirty still i really like it and i love the fact that children can use it from the age of seven.
Also there was no stinging sensation or burning feeling like some mouthwashes give.
I am very pleased with the results and will keep on using it in the future for the whole family..

Alcohol free Dentyl Active Enamel Restore costs £4.07 for 500ml and is available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.


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