Deep Freeze Gel Review

Deep Freeze Cold Gel

Deep Freeze Cold Gel provides fast effective relief from muscular aches and pains such as strains, sprains and minor sporting injuries. It can be applied 2-3 times daily to muscles, tendons and joints and minor sporting injuries.

This preparation contains menthol (racemic menthol) and water both of which act as cooling agents, using the principles of cryotherapy to cool the skin surface. This causes vasoconstriction in the blood vessels and helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

Deep Freeze Cold Gel has been evaluated in two recent trials. The first study examined the degree and duration of cooling achieved by applying Deep Freeze Cold Gel in a thin layer with and without rubbing and left in place for 60 minutes. The gel was applied to the forearms and backs of  healthy subjects, and continuous monitoring of skin temperature was achieved by infrared thermal imaging in a temperature controlled laboratory.  The treated area of skin remained cold for longer.  The data indicated that skin temperature fell by around 4 - 6C° in the first 6 minutes after application and remained at the lower temperature for the 60 minutes the gel was in place.  Subjective assessments by the volunteers confirmed that they experienced a comfortable level of skin cooling which lasted for over an hour.

The second study examined the cooling effects of ice packs applied to the lumbar spine of 6 normal subjects for 10 minutes compared to Deep Freeze Cold Gel applied to the same area on another day for 60 minutes.  The application of Deep Freeze Cold Gel resulted in continuous cooling with a decrease in temperature about half (4C°) of that achieved by ice (8C°) applied for 10 minutes.  In general the volunteers indicated that the milder cooling profile of the gel application was more pleasant and longer lasting than a short application of very cold ice.  For 35g RRP £2.25, for 100g RRP £4.36.

 The Science Behind Menthol in Deep Freeze Cold Gel

Menthol is a key ingredient in Deep Freeze Cold Gel. Menthol normally exists in two forms, known as levomenthol and racemic menthol. These compounds are well absorbed into the skin where they act in several ways :

•    At low (around 1%) concentrations menthol results in a cooling sensation - this is due to a direct effect on cold receptors in the skin and constriction of the blood vessels
•    At higher concentrations (around 2%) there is a further reduction of warming – this is due to a direct effect on heat receptors in the skin
•    At concentrations of 1% and above, menthol acts as a counterirritant – this is due to a direct action on sensory receptors in the skin that send nerve signals to the brain
•    At still higher concentrations (probably above 5%), menthol acts as an analgesic and local anaesthetic by depressing pain receptors in the skin.

The key ingredient in Deep Freeze Cold Gel  is menthol which has a cooling sensation on the skin that quickly soothes and relieves pain. It also has a counter-irritant effect activating cold receptors in the skin to send cold messages to dilute the pain messages that are transmitted to the brain from injured tissue. Physical evaporation of key ingredients in Deep Freeze Cold Patch and Deep Freeze Cold Spray causes cooling which reduces the temperature on the surface of the skin causing vasoconstriction. Constricting the blood flow helps to reduce pain and swelling.

Others in the range

 Deep Freeze Cold Spray

Deep Freeze Cold Spray cools and relieves painful sprains, strains, muscles and the pain associated with arthritis and backache. Working rapidly like ice, it delivers an instant burst of cooling pain relief. No rubbing is required so it is convenient to apply particularly in hard to reach areas like the back and shoulders. For 150ml RRP £3.47.

Deep Freeze Cold Patch

Deep Freeze Cold Patch gives fast effective relief of pain from strains, sprains and knocks to muscles and joints quickly soothing and helping to relieve pain. It works likes ice by cooling the affected or swollen area and helps to reduce the pain and swelling. For a single patch RRP £1.55, for 4 patch pack RRP £5.21.

     Using Cold Analgesia

  • Reduces blood flow to injured area to help prevent bleeding and swelling
  • Helps alleviate the pain of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) which happens 24-48 hours after exercise
  • Provides pain relief
  • Use as soon as possible after injury
  • Always use after exercise to assist with a cool down routine
  • Use up to 2-3 days after injury but can be used up to 10 days (if there is still heat or swelling continue to use cooling)
  •   Always remember PRICE – protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • Do not use before and during sport

My Review

I was sent a Tube of Deep Freeze Gel to review along with the Deep Heat Heat Rub please see Here if you have not read it yet after trying it we decided that it is very good at masking the pain as it has a cooling and numbing effect which is much more effective towards sprains and strains and any swelling where as the Deep heat heat rub is much more effective towards muscle aches/stiffness both have benefits depending on the situation these products are easy to use and do what they say i personally will be keeping a tube of both in my house and also be buying the patches as i would like to test them out too so keep an eye out.

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