CeraKook Ceramic Knives

I am very happy to be part of announcing the launch of CeraKook and their Ceramic Knives in the UK.

I personally love this product and would make chopping and slicing so much nicer and easier not to forget how nice they look so the companies aim is to make ceramic knives affordable to everybody while keeping a great quality.

The knives are excellent to cut and slice fruits and vegetables as well as meat and fish without bones

 So let me answer a few questions for you

What are ceramic knives made of?
Ceramic knives are made of an advanced ceramic called zirconia. This material, which is second in hardness only to diamond, was originally developed for industrial applications. Zirconium oxide is extremely hard and wear resistant. It has a hardness of 8.2 mohs vs steel at 5-6 mohs and diamond at 10 mohs.
The blade goes through a high-pressure molding process before being heated over several days of temperatures in excess of 1000c. Finally, we grind on a diamond wheel and polish the ceramic blade to form an edge and the final shape.

I think they look amazing and i personally love the mirrored effect

Do ceramic knives need to be sharpened?
Ceramic knives retain their sharp edge much longer than a steel blade and should not need to be sharpened like traditional steel knives. With proper care, you may able to go years before you need to re-sharpen your ceramic knife. However, if the ceramic knife is under-performing, it can be sharpened with a diamond sharpener but we would recommend bringing the knife to a professional ceramic sharpening service instead.

I love the fact that these can last longer than steel blades but always make sure you are careful as with anything ceramic these can chip and damage and you should never cut bones or frozen food with them

Right now their  website is ready, but you will only be able to  pre-order the knives at the moment as they will be able to deliver them only at the end of November.
To compensate for you waiting, they have reduced prices up to 15/20% on all products so you may want to take advantage of it as it will only be valid till the end of November so don't miss out on this fantastic offer, myself personally will be going to purchase some as i think they are great i hate steel knives and having to sharpent them do often this will make life so much better i do honestly prefer the black to the white i think these would be my favorite kitchen item its so hard to find good knives and for a good price too.

 Also pop over to their Facebook or Twitter to say hello and once again Their Website


  1. They do look gorgeous, but I think I'll have to wait a bit. My eldest even managed to snap the tip off the end of my 20cm Sabatier cooks knife, so I'd be loath to let them near ceramic!

  2. That's a nice review. I did a brief write up on my blog about ceramic knives too.