Hello everyone I was very fortunate to get asked if i would like to review a letter box cake from Baker days
i was very excited to try it who wouldn't love to have some cake.

I was extreemly impressed by their customer service i was given these options to choose

1: Flavor: Chocolate, Madeira, carrot, gluten and wheat free or fruit
2: Occasion: would you like photo upload or text ( if it is photo upload can you please email me jpeg) and text what would you like on the cake
3: Dispatch date
4: Delivery address 

of course i chose chocolate you will see the picture i chose to shortly so later on that evening i had an email to say it would be sent the next day wow how fast i was really surprised i was also a little worried to be honest that how can a cake safely through a letter box and since i have a wooden floor i was worried about it falling apart well it soon arrived

This is the contents of the box when i opened it the tin is below but included in there was a lovely little card 3 balloons 2 candles and one of those noisy blowing things lol i forgot what they are called i thought that was a lovely touch i chose this cake because i wanted to give it to my husband as he is studying at uni now and im really proud of him as he is a mature student so its tougher to go back after being done with learning in a school environment so it was just a little something to show him that i am proud

so the cake must be inside here right :-)..i love that it is sealed with the logo sticker of the company which wraps around the sides

once the sticker had been removed you see this lovely tin that says just for you i thought that was a lovely touch and made it very special

phew finally got in to the tin there is a paper tab which is stuck underneath the cake to the bottom of the tin the paper has the instructions for taking out the cake which you just pull the paper and then take a gentle hold of the bottom of the cake and it removes easily also it was wrapped in a wrappin too so it would not be stale and you have the oxygen absorber on the lid

This is the picture i chose it is my husband and myself logo with our name in the bottom and then underneath i chose to have the words life is what we make it as some of you will see in most things i have personalised this is what we will have as it is our motto in life :-)
i thought the design was really pretty and i loved all the little colored stars they also made  the writing my favorite color  and they didnt know that

on the side they have their website address i thought was a nice touch to it

the little card i just personalised it for hubby yea yea i know messy writing lol they had kindly stuck a sticked with what i had asked for on the cake in there so that was really lovely

Here is the cake with the candles in and all lit up it looks beautiful right? hubby loved it

and here is the cake after hubby had blown out his candles and taken what he wanted lol i really enjoyed the cake it was so yummy i wish there was more of it the texture was perfect it was not dry like i thought it would be and there was not too much icing hubby really enjoyed his and said the little chocolate peices in it made it even nicer i did try and save some but it was very hard to so it finally got finished the next day i managed to keep the rest for myself not for the lack of the dogs trying to get their big noses in there too they hated to miss out on the cake

These cakes are great for any occasion and they have so many on their website go and take a look and i love the fact that you dont have to wait in for delivery or worry about it not getting delivered or having to pick it up i think that is one of the greatest parts because that is what stopped me from ordering cakes for anyone but now i have found this great company i will defiantly be ordering more i will not be scared to get one and i am very happy for that so roll on any occasion i can give someone a cake well that is providing i get some of it too maybe it might have half missing lol

If you would like to find out more about the company check their

They also do cupcakes and you can get larger cakes the letterbox ones (4-5 portions in our case 2 lol) are £14.99 with free delivery all over the UK

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to The Baker Days team for my lovely cake and well done on a great service




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