starting the week late..

Good morning,

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend, back to work today and to so called normality lol.

Today I will share a few pictures of our mountain walk hubby,little princess and I took a while back when she was a lot smaller...we want to do it again but with all the kids,the veiws were amazing although I stopped part the way up and took me a while to get going again I hate heights and I was getting really scared looking back down lol... hubby of course loved it and little princess was taking it all in.

It does not look that high from this view but it was like 20,000ft.

summer of fun!

So there has not been much of a summer here which is a shame but we have made the most of the nice days,here are a selection of pictures taken this summer.I will share more over the days...beach days featured today.

Princess peeking out from her sunglasses.

We found lots of these dustbin lid jellyfish washed up on the beach.

Long days at the beach.

More jellyfish just smaller

Many seagulls feasting on something left by a car that had just left

Its been really quiet on here!

We have been so busy with the kids especially the youngest who is growing up so fast can not believe that nearly a whole year has gone and wow how she has grown and changed..I have been concentrating on her as you all know this time in a childs life is so important and they need you so much,but now she is much more independent and spends time playing and watching Mr Tumble lol..I have a little more time in the day to get back on here and to what I enjoy...

Carved Candles.

One thing that I really love is candles I have tons of them to the point hubby tells me all the time not to buy anymore especially since some of them I love so much I will not burn,But there is one type of candle that I had never gotten and I have loved the look of them since I saw a video of some being made on YouTube.

Carved candles I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them,I started looking at companies that made these in the UK and came across the lovely Carved Candles UK who very kindly offered to send me one of Their candles to review.

The other day I got a lovely package in the post,

 So I had to use a different camera to my normal one so the pics are not great but here is a much much better picture off the website.

This one is called Multicolored madness Featuring Purple, White, Pink and Yellow wax; with Yellow Rose shaped decorations.

It is truly stunning it really stands out and is very well made,This one comes in 3 sizes,Short,Medium and Tall.price starts from £10 for the short one which is really not bad considering how beautiful they are.

And you can count on this never being lit and that I will be getting more..Que hubby rolling his eyes lol.Even he could not deny that this is stunning and looks really good up on the shelf.

Let me show you a few more that I love from Their website.

The first one is amazing it is an owl which comes in 2 styles.Named The Hoo

Brown- £35

White- £25

I think the brown one is my favorite I love the little added extras at the bottom including the hedgehog.

Another one that really makes a statement is the monochrome-starts from £10 and again comes in 3 different sizes. Black and white wax with grey rose shaped decorations.

Let me show you one last one called Beechwood Fire,Featuring Black, Red, Orange, Yellow and White wax; with Clear Gem shaped decorations.
So if you are looking for a stunning candles for weddings or just for your home head to Carved Candles UK and check them out,great prices and also shipped fast and perfectly wrapped in bubble wrap so you can be sure that your candle will get to you in perfect condition.

Please note if you are wanting more than what is in stock you will have to allow 4-5 weeks for the candle to get to you so make sure you order in good time before your event.



So I finally joined Instagram..I had avoided it for so long lol.

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Manomasa recipes!!

I wanted to share with you some great recipes from a Manomasa the amazing tortilla brand,We were sent some bags to try out and we will be giving these recipes a go and I will let you know how we got on but thought I should share them with you so you can give them a try too.

As you can see they have a lovely range of delicious flavours that we can not wait to tuck in to.

Grab yourself some bags and join me in trying these recipes you can find them in Waitrose,Ocado and many more check Their website to find out more HERE

Manomasa Fish Tacos,

Makes about 12

150g Chipotle & Lime Manomasa chips, plus extra to serve
250g firm white fish
40g plain flour
1 large egg beaten
Oil for deep frying
Red & white cabbage finely shredded to serve
Lime wedges.

Crush the Manamasa chips and place in a freezer bag. Slice the fish thinly before dusting lightly with plain flour.

Dip each piece in the beaten egg before coating with the crushed chips by dropping in the bag and shaking until fully coated. When all the fish is coated heat the oil until it reaches 180C then fry the fish pieces in small batches for 3 minutes until crisp and cooked through. Drain on kitchen paper.

To serve, spoon a little shredded cabbage on to a Manomasa chip & top with a piece of fish. 

Add a little lime juice, before eating.

Check Out The Amazing Candle Gallery!!

I love anything to do with candles and I have found a great company along my search,
The Candle Gallery Sell some really beautiful oil lamps but not just ordinary oil lamps these have beautiful silk flowers in them.

Each one is handmade and honestly look just as good without being lit and left as a decorative item in you home,The quality is really great and I was sent a couple to see what I think.

There is different ranges of silk flowers,

Poppy Range which I love,